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Companies have figured out a new route to reach the public in order to learn about evolving trends and behaviors of these consumers. is a website used as a medium for companies to access information through the use of online surveys.

Before the internet, companies used live market research groups and round table discussions to gain insight from consumers on how to improve their services or products. TellWut offers a free trial to businesses who want to try out their system in order to identify if it will be a beneficial platform for the future of their company’s development.

The surveys offered through TellWut, cover a range of topics. This enables a majority of their voters to find surveys in subjects for which they are able to provide valuable insight on based on their knowledge and experience. Surveys cover Current Affairs, Entertainment, Sports, Money, Lifestyle, Technology, Products, Religion, Parenting, Pets, and Education.

There are two ways to participate as a voter in Tellwut surveys. The first option is as an unregistered voter and the second way is as a registered voter. Awards are only given to registered voters.

A point system is used to reward voters for completing different tasks; each one has a different number of points assigned to it. Awards are given for registering as a voter on the site and providing personal information. Points are also awarded for participating in surveys, creating surveys, answering a business survey, and by referring friends to their program. . Rewards can be redeemed for gift cards, products, and even highly desired expensive electronics.

Even though you may have completed a survey or submitted a question, you are not always awarded points. If your survey was not approved per the required guidelines or you have submitted a question that was previously asked these items will not be eligible for points.

Many TellWut survey takers have posted reviews online that display primarily positive experiences. Voters were able to redeem their points easily for their reward selection and they were legitimate items. There were no limiting conditions to use the gift cards and the products shipped out were in good condition.

Some survey companies take advantage of people’s time by denying awards for their completed surveys based on illegitimate excuses.

If you are sure that you absolutely want to participate in online survey websites always review the site’s terms and policies. Some of these sites will sell your information to third parties; others will charge you upfront fees and some of them will try to sell you products and services.

All in all, this site seems to have the potential to be rewarding for both businesses and survey participants alike.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " TellWut Surveys " is 3.07 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.
  • They suspended my account and they dont give my rewards from points! Rip off!
  • Hey! I ordered my amazon card, and they cancelled,y order without any notice. Wat do they mean by inconsistent voting?
  • I've been on Tellwut for 2 - 3 months; it does exactly what is says it'll do. I'm over half way to my 4th Amazon $10 card.

    The major problem I have is that they must half lousy IT people and cheap network equipment! The site is as slow as molasses in February! And it crashes quiet often.

    Seriously, I like the site's concept, but when it literally takes 2+ minutes to do 3 surveys, I just don't want to waste that kind of time.

    Hey Tellwut, hire some good IT guys and but some top of the line switches and routers!
  • I like this website. It works are excellent. I just received a $10 Amazon gift card very quick. Thank you.
  • I've been using Tellwut for a while and the layout and way it works are great. I just received a $15 Amazon card from them. Cheers.
  • saved up enough points to get my first Amazon Gift Card and on November 26th I ordered it, after 2 weeks of it still being pending I contacted Support. A week later I get a reply from them stating my account is suspended because of "inconsistent voting". I've sent 2 more emails to them as well as left messages on their Facebook page, no answer.

    MANY other people are running into the same problem - order card and get told you're suspended. They give no explanation to what "inconsistent voting" is. So don't be surprised if this happens to you within the first few cards you order.
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