The Binary Profit Method Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Binary Profit Method, found online at, is a new type of trading software created by Steve Nichols that promises people access to a complex trading system that is easy to use and earn money with.

The Binary Profit Method website says that they currently have users that earning more than $100,000 in investment returns each month, and though they cannot make their users earnings promises, they can say that their average user is earning around $8,000 per day.

Perhaps the best part of this software is that it is free for customers to use. Customers do not have to purchase this software, nor do they have to pay any part of the returns they earn as fees toward the software makers.

How It Works

According to their website, this software works specifically with binary options trading, which is a type of trading where users decide whether or not a particular stock will move up or down in value during a specific time period, which can be as short as 60 seconds.

Though this type of trading seems simple, Steve Nichols says that it is actually so in-depth that it would be difficult for someone without a computer science or programming degree to be able to process all the necessary information to make winning investments on a regular basis.

To solve this problem, they created investment software that would do all this analyzing and computing for you. This software “involves a combination of Long Harami, kicker patterns and an inverted clear cup and handle formation” and has a proven success record.

In order to qualify for use of this software, customers create a brand new account with the binary options trading platform partnered with the software provider; existing accounts will not be accepted.

The Problems

The reality of this software is that it is just another useless trading bot, nearly identical to any of the other hundreds of trading bots available on the internet right now that are all promising people thousands of dollars a day in investment returns, without any knowledge, skills, or experience.

The Binary Profit Method actually attempts to do a better job of explaining why their software is beneficial and goes so far as to say right on their sales page that they can’t guarantee customers a specific amount of earnings, but at the end of the day they are still no good to their customers.

This company makes money when customers sign up with one of the partner trading platforms offered by this website, and then they don’t benefit any further whether you earn or lose money. Therefore it’s not really in their interest for you to make money.

In addition, the earnings claims made by these types of trading software are simply ridiculous. No investment company can guarantee earnings of $100,000 each month. Customers who are interested in binary options trading should simply research these investment method for themselves and stay away from these kinds of companies.

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  • I signed up for the binary profit method but i was skeptical to put in a deposit so before i did that i emailed steve and ask him if he could really help me profit with this system because i am retired vet and a mother and im looking for some extra income. He replied back and said "Im gonna give you a big life tip. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU." Im sorry but that screamed scam to me. Since this is fairly new I advice everyone to do more research about this product before depositing your money. Its so many scams and fake robots out here i dont know what to trust anymore.
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