The Brit Method Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Brit Method, found online at, is a new type of trading software created by Jason Taylor that promises people access to a complex trading system that is easy to use and earn money with.

The Brit Method website offers an information video which explains to customers how their software can give you nearly immediate returns on investment, which can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in returns per day.

But perhaps the best part of this software is that it is free for customers to use. Customers do not have to purchase this software, nor do they have to pay any part of the returns they earn as fees toward the software makers.

How It Works

According to their website, this software works specifically with binary options trading, which is a type of trading where users decide whether or not a particular stock will move up or down in value during a specific time period. The Brit Method software specifically deals with binary options trades that are as short as 60 seconds and as long as one hour, but no longer.

In order to qualify for use of this software, customers create a brand new account with the binary options trading platform partnered with the software provider; existing accounts will not be accepted.

Their website says that members who fund their accounts with 300 British Pounds will be able to earn returns of between 800 and 1000 British Pounds each, while those who fund their account with 1,000 British Pounds or more can expect to make 2,5000 British Pounds per day.

Is The Brit Method Legit?

The reality of this software is that it is just another useless trading bot, nearly identical to any of the other hundreds of trading bots available on the internet right now that are all promising people thousands of dollars a day in investment returns, without any knowledge, skills, or experience.

Some of these trading bots are confused with computer viruses, because they need to be downloaded directly onto your computer. The Brit Method is like the majority of trading software currently available, however, in that it doesn’t need to be downloaded – it just needs you to create a new account at the trading platform of their choosing.

This is because this company makes money when customers sign up with one of the partner trading platforms offered by this website, and they don’t benefit any further whether you earn or lose money. Therefore it’s not really in their interest for you to make money – the only thing that matters to them is that you sign up for a new account.

In addition, the earnings claims made by these types of trading software are simply ridiculous. No investment company can guarantee earnings of thousands of dollars each month, with no time or effort on your part. Customers who are interested in binary options trading should simply research these investment method for themselves and stay away from these kinds of companies.

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  • The Brit Method is a scam and no more - I have lost £4,000 out of my account, despite only saying I wanted to pay £250. Thieves and conmen
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