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The Foundation, found online at, is a new company that promises people the step-by-step training they need to become a successful entrepreneur and replace their day job with their own business.

If you are ready to start your own business, The Foundation offers a free course to break you into their system, and only when you are ready will you be invited to join their six month long mentorship program.

This program is described as the best way to learn how to start your own business fast, “even if you have no idea, no special skills or limited cash.”

The Promises

Their website is headed with the promise that they will help you “start a business for pennies and replace your income with just two hours of work per day” all by ignoring everything you’ve ever been told about starting an online business and following their program instead.

The Foundation says that the first step in starting your own business is to learn “The Mindset” of an entrepreneur, and that only after you’ve built up your strength and confidence will be able to successfully run your own business, so this is what they will teach you first.

They also teach you how to identify your personal strengths and skills, so that you understand what sets you apart from the pack, and how that can eventually be turned into a successful Freelance Businesses, Software Companies, Service Based Businesses, or Physical Product business.

To get started they offer their newest members a free course where they can begin to understand and use the methods being taught by The Foundation, with the ultimate goal of eventually signing up for their mentor program.

The Reality

It’s not necessarily a bad idea to get into the mindset of an entrepreneur before beginning to invest large amounts of time and money into starting your own business, but The Foundation’s emphasis on mindset and confidence as the keys to becoming a wealthy business owner make them more of a self-help company than an entrepreneurial training program.

People who have taken this course report that the free course offering is actually a good introduction to some of the skills and insights necessary to starting your own business, but the full six month intensive course they offer is extremely expensive and not tailored to your specific needs, because it can’t be – it has to meet the needs of too many different business owners.

The website does say that they offer a Refund for unhappy customers, but only if those customers can prove that they followed every step of the program as they were directed to. This is an incredibly difficult thing to prove and gives The Foundation one hundred different ways to legally refuse to provide you with a refund.

The bottom line seems to be that customers who are interested in their free course should feel free to participate in that, but before investing thousands of dollars in their full program, there are many different books and guides on that market that are extremely helpful in teaching people how to run their own business that are priced less than $100 or even less than $50.

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