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The mCommerce Blueprint, found online at, is a new work from home opportunity presented by creator and spokesman Andrew Cass, who says that people can earn over $7,500 a month with this system.

According to the video presentation on the website, this system is not a “get rich quick scheme,” nor is it a multi level marketing program. Instead, they say it is the “most advanced turn key online sales and marketing system ever,” using mobile technology.

Marketers who are interested in creating a mobile marketing program can sign up with this program for a fee of $29 a month, with an option to become a RemarkaMobile affiliate if you choose.

The Claims

In his video presentation, Andrew Cass says that there are two very important reasons why this system will be able to make anyone money. The first is that it will teach you how to get in front of, and profit from, today’s most powerful technology trend.

The video says that all great success stories come from people who were able to get in front of a major technology trend, and people joining the mCommerce Foundation today will be in front of the mobile technology trend.

And second, the mCommerce Blueprint will teach you how to actually get paid 100% commissions every month if you become a RemarkaMobile affiliate. The video says that most other business systems which promise 100% commissions actually have so many limitations on their commissions, that the claim of 100% is simple not true, but theirs is.

But Pay Attention…

The video says that the mCommerce system is actually best for people who already own and run independent businesses. As examples, they mention current business owners who are interested in building a Mobile List or creating a Mobile presence.

It also claims to be a good program for already established Affiliate, Internet, and Network marketers who are interested in adding a new stream of income to their already existing business.

Perhaps one of the biggest complaint’s regarding Andrew Cass’s mCommerce Blueprint is that you have to sit through almost thirty full minutes of video before you understand how much this opportunity will cost you, and the majority of the video just continually repeats the same points he made within the first 5 minutes – Mobile marketing is the most important technology of the day, and you must get in front of it to make money, and this system pays 100% commissions.

And though the website says you can cancel your membership at any time, there is no information regarding refunds, so keep this in mind when purchasing.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " mCommerce Foundation " is 1.67 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • Here is the deal. First they say that you can make $29 for every $29 paid for their Remarkamobile program.

    Then...the other foot drops after you paid the $29. A screen comes up and says that if you want to be an "affiliate" you must pay another $24.00 a month. So you are if you want to earn $29 per sale you must pay $53.00 ...they bait you with the $29 a month and switch upon payment to $53.00 month. You don't have to pay the extra $24 a month but if you don't you can't earn any commission from your future referrals at all. You would not earn one dime. gets worse. They come back and say...well guess what... we have another program that you can get an additional $59 a month. So you could earn $59 plus $29. They say 80% choose this option. Here is the catch...if you don't pay the $59 if your referral buys into the $59 you won't get any $59 commissions. So if you decide to get the $59 add on now you are paying $29 plus $24 plus $59 a month. That's $112 a month or $1,344 a year. goes on and on. They have programs for up to $15,000. Who knows... if they sell one for you will you make one dime?
  • The m Commerce Blueprint got special $1.00 then 2 payment o $17.00

    Their is no Consumer who has earn these commission shown in his video

    It is not listed as a top ten recommended online program in News Social Media Network few none good Reviews he say many times video its for business growth don't mention hidden additions cost
  • Yeah I have to agree now it sounds a lot like the same old song and dance but with added Promises Thomases? The Disclaimers always reveal the real truth about these programs, or offers? So whenever you receive one of those very short emails claiming they have a check now for you ,now put your guard up!

    Click on the link in the email ,wait for the video to begin then shoot to the bottom of the page and read, read, read their Disclaimers fully you'll find it basically absolves them from any wrong doings,recent claims made to you etc. only recently right now in their video above ?

    Now only 1% might see a profit ,but only after jumping through many hurdles ,hoops ? The rest will mostly be sheared like sheep to slaughter ? Be extremely careful before placing any order too quickly ,always do a Google search,or use one of your various search engines available to you on the program to see just what others are saying now about their programs,or offer?

    Always look for the most recent complaint from any previous buyer,if you're still confused but are able to contact a buyer feel free to ask them all, any questions now you might have? Please just don't leap in with both feet and waste your hard earned money and valuable time now before at the least checking out the offer fully 1st ?
  • I detest offers that make you jump through hoops while revealing nothing, make promises they have no intentions of keeping (read their disclaimers), and tell you that you have to sign on NOW because the website will no longer be available in 4 hours, 56 minutes and 27 seconds... like that is supposed to make potentials confident of the company they're considering representing. Yes, just another rehash of information that is available online for FREE elsewhere.
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