The Millionaire in PJs Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Millionaire in PJs, found online at, is a new binary options trading software which promises people that “trading is easy” as long as you have the right tool – their system.

The goal of this company is to give people a way to earn money with their own online trading system, one that requires little to no effort on the part of the trader but which has the ability to bring in large returns on your investment.

What is the Millionaire in PJs?

The Millionaire in PJs is designed to work with a binary options trading platform. Binary options is a specific type of trading which is intended as a short term investment. Instead of asking people to invest in a stock which might rise in value over the long term, binary options simply asks people to decide whether a specific stock will rise in value (call) or fall in value (put) during a pre-determined amount of time, which can range from one minute to six months.

Customers who make the right choice about the behavior of a stock will be able to receive an immediate return on their investment. Though this website does not say exactly what that return on investment will be, other binary options trading platforms often quote returns that average around 85% per individual investment.

But of course you will only get this kind of return if you make the correct decision about the behavior of the stock you have chosen. The goal of the Millionaire in PJs system is to make your investment choices for you, both of the stock you should invest in and the choice you should make about the movement of the value, in order to guarantee that you make profitable choices more often than not.

The Problems

While binary options is both a legal and real investment opportunity, the Millionaire in PJs is just another investment bot, or mindless software system which claims to make all the decisions for investors and makes a guarantee of profits which it can’t actually follow through on.

The truth is that there are many, many other websites and video presentations just like this one online, and essentially none of them have been able to follow through on their outrageous earnings statements. In fact, these systems are not even motivated to help you earn money, because the money they are paid is only dependent on you signing up for a new account, and has nothing to do with whether your investments are successful.

Also, though this system claims to be free, in order to use it you must partner with a specific trading platform. All trading platforms require users to deposit money into their account in order to begin trading, and the minimum deposit is often $200 or more. So while you may not have to pay a fee directly to the Millionaire in PJs, you cannot use their system without having a few hundred dollars to invest immediately.

And though you aren’t paying money directly to them, the Millionaire in PJs is using you in order to make money, because they receive a type of commission from the trading platform they send you to when you sign up to use their system.

Customers who are interested in binary trading would be much better off reading and studying this type of trading and working with a platform and a licensed adviser directly, than relying on one of these “get rich quick” systems.

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