The Organized Mind Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Organized Mind, found online at, is a new private label rights product which promises to give people a way to make money from home by taking advantage of the self-help market.

This website points out that the self-help market in the United States and internationally is actually a huge market which annually generates revenues in the area of $11 billion dollars each and every year.

The Organized Mind gives people access to everything they need to begin selling their own self-help book to business owners, college students, and anyone else who could benefit from alleviating stress in their life, all for just a one-time purchase of $17.00.

How Does It Work?

A private label rights product, or PLR product, is a product that is written, designed, or created by someone and then sold to the general public so they can resell it at their own price, without the need to pay any royalties or licensing fees.

Many people are interested in selling their own products but get stuck on the time, effort, and money it takes to do the research, compiling, writing, and publishing. When you purchase a PLR product, all of this work has already been done.

In this case, The Organized Mind is a fully written and completed self-help book that also comes with a website, sales and landing pages, and online resources that go along with the book itself. Once you purchase this bundle of products, you are welcome to price it as you choose and to keep all of the profits for yourself.

The Concerns

First and foremost, people should be relieved to know that reselling PLR products is a completely legal business and is a tactic often used in internet marketing to establish a business selling products.

That being said, is very casual about saying that their customers should “edit” the materials after they purchase them, when in reality the editing and personalization of PLR materials is the single most important step in the entire process, because these materials are for sale to as many customers who are interested in purchasing them.

In order to set your product apart from the hundreds of other people that purchase The Organized Mind and all their identical webpages, tools, and resources, you will need to find a way to make this product your own, whether that includes changing small details like chapter titles or making large changes, like adding your own personal chapters, materials, and thoughts.

Customers who aren’t prepared to put time and effort into making these changes and adaptations should realize that marketing and selling PLR products may not be the best business choice for them.

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