The Power Bar Club Reviews – Legit or Scam?

The Power bar club is a recently released make money online program that focuses on getting paid to watch ads. This is not a new concept in the work at home community and there have been many programs in the past that have targeted this concept.

Unfortunately the majority of those programs have gone under due to a variety of issues with this business model. This is why I’m initially very skeptical of programs like “The Power Club,” as history shows anything from poor management, bailing advertisers, or lack of members can drive these programs into bankruptcy.

However, the Power Club is getting plenty of favorable reviews and many people are jumping on the bandwagon so I wanted to see if this could truly be a viable program.

So what is the Power Club and how does  work…?

One of the advertisements that I saw for the Power Club claimed that you can make $43,945 in 30 days with zero investment. Now that’s a pretty remarkable statement and obviously one that nobody can turn down, but before you jump in ask yourself how in the world is this possible.

First off, the way that the program works is that you create an account with the Power Club and install their custom internet browser toolbar. The good news is that this is completely free and one of the key selling points of this system.

With your ad toolbar in place you will be served a series of daily ads for you to click on. This part of the process is very simple; you just click on your toolbar menu which expands into a series of ads. You click and view the ads and you instantly get paid several pennies per advertisement.

Now the Power Club is different from former get paid to view ads systems because it limits the amount of ads that you can view per day, this also means that it limits how much an individual can make per month. So naturally the next question is how do you reach that aforementioned claim of over $43K a month when you don’t have an unlimited amount of ads to click?

This is where we get into the more controversial part of the Power Club; they claim that their program is not Network/Multi-Level Marketing but the only way to make any real money is by recruiting new members into the Power Club and having them recruit even more.

In this program you can get paid a portion of ad watching revenue from up to 7 levels of referrals. This means that after you join you need to share this program with 5 more people who have to do the same and so on up to seven times in order for you to increase your earnings.

Technically this is the only way to make money with the Power Club as your personal income is restricted by the number of ads you get per day.

Take a look at this graphic of their payout structure, notice that even after your refer 5 people you’re still only making a measly $2.25 per month. It’s only until you reach level 4 that you start making a couple hundred dollars and even that requires 625 new people to be brought into the system.

The Power Club

And to reach that glorified figure of $43,000 a month a whopping 78,125 new recruits need to be entered into the system after your initial contribution of 5 referrals.

So is the Power Club a scam or a legit program…?

The reason that they can claim that this program is not an MLM is because the product is free, so technically there is no selling involved. However it’s pretty clear that in order to make money everyone involved has to keep the recruitment chain going.

The Power Club may not be an explicit scam but making a decent income from this program just doesn’t seem very feasible.  The getting paid to view ads aspect is merely a formality as it’s clear that the main goal is to keep recruiting people.  In the promotional hype for the Power Club this may seem very doable but you’ll quickly find out that relying on others for your residual income is not very effective.

In the end the real winner is the Power Club since they’re getting millions of people to watch ads for a miniscule percentage of what the advertisers are paying them and in the process they’re getting a free word of mouth PR campaign, a real win-win situation for them.

Now since the program is free there’s no harm in trying it out…Just don’t get upset when 3 months down the road you’ve got nothing to show for it.

In the end the real winner is the Power Club since they’re getting millions of people to watch ads for a miniscule percentage of what the advertisers are paying them, and in the process they’re getting a free word of mouth PR campaign – Win Win.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I am one of the investors in Boloto 7 years ago...15K gone. Total scammer...never created or did anything. What a joke.
  • I was in the Powerbar Club and I swear the first night I did not sleep I was so exited I recruited every one ,why not it was free, click click click I was like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz ,No 10 cent ads ever came. I eventually got bored because it took so long just to make 6 dollars.
  • I spent 6 months building a great team of experienced Internet Marketers and was in contact with hundreds of organizations. There is no support whatsoever. I cannot find a link to log in and claim my money. We would appreciate any suggestions.
  • Anyone who thinks boloto group or its affiliates has any product of any worth, is a complete and utter moron. Just search for "boloto group" and look at all the bogus press releases over the years, they have nothing to show for it. All the investors got robbed.
  • Yes, the powerbar club and joini5 turned out to be nothing but a big scam! We were lied to repeatedly as we can now prove in hindsight. You can't even log into your i5 account anymore!! Boloto Group has half a dozen other ventures published on their home webpage and NONE of them actually function fully!!!

    Likely they are just harvesting names/emails is my only guess for this elaborate fraud. My suggestion would be to voice your opinion about them all over the web so they can't scam more people in the future. I built a team of over 13,000 people and 135 organizations for these scammers!!!


  • They do pay. I was paid 5 times. Not alot but I did get paid.

    I think they need 2 million members before the ad exchange starts. We'll see what happens. I never paid them any money.
  • The powerbar club seems to be bull at this point they just want to keep recruiting members for what they say they don't have enough to start the ad exchange and they have never given us a number to say how many they will need to start it how will we know if they have enough members. What a crock!
  • So, is there anyone who already receive payment? If no one receive payment after more then 6 month since opening, then I think its scam... :(
  • I totally agree with L Madison. I signed up in September and recruited people like crazy for about three months building a downline of 413 people. Problem is most of those people have now stopped clicking because the 10 cent ads never materialized. I have sent several support tickets in and in one response they tried to deny that Pat Monteforte said that the 10 ads would start approximately 14 days after the launch of the PR campaign. He hyped it and said that there were going to be famous celebrities involved doing commercials and we were going to start seeing ad for the exchange everywhere. I was astounded. I heard him with my own two ears. I feel duped. I built these people a list of 413 brand new names that they can market to anytime they want, yet I have repeatedly asked them to send out a news letter once in awhile to back up my cheerleading emails to my downline and they refuse to do so. I stopped promoting PBC in January when the launch did not occur as promised and of course now there is no mention of a date. Like the writer above, I feel embarassed that I led people into this and wasted their time. With a downline of 413 and hundreds if not thousands of hours of work I have collected exactly $15 from them and it took almost 60 days from the date I requested the payment to receive it.

    If the 10 ads launched today, I would venture a guess that I might be able to salvage about 20 people who would still be interested. As far as I am concerned they missed a great opportunity. Forget 10 cent ads-they could have launched 1 cent ads and been a whole lot more successful at this point. The max amount of ads available now are 5 per day at 1/3 of a cent. Right now my clicking earns me less than .02 a day. Hardly worth the effort when .01 PPC's are everywhere.
  • Well I notice that the last Entry was January 25th, 2010. I myself am not sure whether this is a scam or not. I have been a member for 3 months and only started sharing the bar in December. Yes, it is very easy to share. Yes, it costs nothing,and Yes, mathematics proves the money that can be made.

    However,there are several nagging thoughts that I cannot ignore. I wonder why we were told that the PR campaign would launch January 4th and 14 days later, give or take a day or two, the 10 cent ads would launch. We are now 24 days later than the 18th of January and We have not heard one word as to when the ads would launch. I myself have had some customer support problems, requesting assistance from I5 and have never had an answer whatsoever from them. I've even noticed my sponsor, who knows Pat Monteforte personally, has stopped sending news updates to his downline. There is no information in the "news and updates" section in the PBC members area. My husband put in a support ticket a week ago to PBC and has not heard a word back. Yet previously PBC was pretty quick to respond to support tickets. I have also noticed as I am sure others have that we went from 10 ads a day to 5 ads a day (I assumed it was because we were winding down 3/10 cent ads to get ready for the 10 cent ads). In the past week I have been able to view 5 ads a day being paid for only 3. I thought the "bugs" had all been worked out. I have many Ideas and Organizations I would love to contact about this....but if I have questions think how many more they will have.

    It is quite possible this has run its course before it even began. Will we ever know? I never thought I would get rich but I was sure in hopes I could make that extra 2700.00 that was mentioned in the previous blog. Even though this has cost me no out of pocket money it has cost me quite a bit of time. I am concerned that I may have gained names for a company (two in fact) and possibly lost a reputation with friends, family and referrals. If I am doubting without cause please inform me. But I do not believe I am the only one with these concerns.
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