The Secret Wealth Formula Reviews – Legit or Scam?

The Secret Wealth FormulaThe Secret Wealth Formula, by Mark Starr, is a new business opportunity that promises its customers the chance to make great money – $379 a day – while being their own boss. They claim that after paying a one time fee of $97 and taking a Wealth Development Certification course, you can be self employed and financially independent.

The Secret Wealth Formula says that once you complete their certification program, you are “guaranteed an immediate position as a Search Engine Agent.” This job consists of posting links online for various companies trying to sell products or gain customer information.

Posting links for companies online is a form of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and extremely popular way of making money online, and there are many different methods of affiliate marketing; link posting is just one.

Concerns About The Secret Wealth Formula

As with any work at home business opportunity, there are a couple issues with the promises being made by The Secret Wealth Formula. First, their sales page is fairly misleading when describing the nature of the job they are promoting.

“Search Engine Agent” is not actually a job. Link posting, and affiliate marketing of any kind, is an independent business opportunity. Because of this, claiming that you are “guaranteed a position” and making statements about the type of earnings you can expect is problematic.

Also, their description of the link posting opportunity is inaccurate, as they insinuate that you will be paid to post links for major companies, when in reality you must pay money yourself to post a link, and you only earn money if a customer clicks your link and then purchases a product. The money you earn from link posting is more like a sales commission than a fee for posting a link online.

Finally, The Secret Wealth Formula is being promoted by a fake news site.Fake News Site Secret Wealth Formula This is a method of advertising that has been widely criticized and is currently in the process of being banned by the FTC.

Companies create an advertisement that purposely appears to be a journalistic article from an online news source. Often they use an IP tracker so that your location is used in the title of the news source or as the location in the article itself.

These advertisements use slogans and sales tactics throughout the article, but purposefully attempt to make them appear as facts being reported by a third party source.

They are looked down on in the advertising community because the goal of these ads is to trick or fool customers into using a product or service. Companies that use fake news sites as advertisements are generally considered to be untrustworthy in the work at home community.

But What About…?

Mark Starr claims that there is an “Iron Clad 8 Week Refund Policy” but the details of this policy are very particular. If you are requesting a refund, you must prove to the company that you logged into their system and then tried to use it for at least 20 days with no success. Before you can receive your refund, your use of the system will be analyzed before the company determines whether or not you are eligible for a refund.

The misleading sales page, the association with fake news sites, and the difficult refund policy are all issues that you should seriously consider before doing business with The Secret Wealth Formula.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Total phishing/scam/twisted way to get people's money. First problem...Matt and Oralando don't list their actual experience or...their last names. They just have vague language that 'motivates' you to keep clicking and listening.

    Also, clear your history, cookies, and check for anything downloaded to your system. I was operating a few tabs in a Google Chrome window and they re-routed me when I clicked "back" from a Forbes article, which should have taken me to a Google Search page, but instead took me to their website (which I had open in another tab). SHAME, gents, SHAME.
  • What a scam I bought two courses under the impression that there's a money back guarantee late last year (2017)

    Total waste of time and money and doesn't have value at all , and when I wanted to cancel the next day , there wasn't any way to contact them no phone number, no email, nothing

    How the hell is this legal !!
  • holy hell that was close for me....thanks for everyone's input, they seriously saved me. Sorry for the poor lil bugguz who/will/are get scammed.
  • Damn I missed the anger greed by a Hair my phone click of when I got to the info part for bank info
  • This is terrible of them to do... Nothing but greedy people here... Clearly... Thank you all for your comments and to those who never joined (I didn't) stay clear of this nonsense... They are just out to get your money... Thank you all for your help....
  • Anybody should stay away from so-called business opportunities which have a "stay here" pop up and give you a discount of the previously heralded price. Some even discount it with another "stay here" page.

    From $2000 to $199 to $ 97 to $ 77 to $ 47.

    How dumb do they think people are? They are just out to build a data base of people in need.

    Stay away!!!!
  • I paid my $97 and was contacted by a company called Monetary Consulting who were selling a $12,000 course. Are these companies related?
  • I paid $126.58 aud. for nothing also!i feel like the biggest sucker on the planet. could not login etc.too hard to learn their system,some lady phoned from canada to help but i was in the middle of an electrical job and asked her to phone back,she didn't. there is a phone number (1-866)8768366. It did not connect,so i'm not sure i dialed internet connect so someone can try this. unfortunately i have passed the 60 day limit for a refund,i am a pensioner and partially disabled looking for an income from home,got burnt! bummer,i hope these people get their bad KARMA visit.
  • Don't be fool by a scam company I was ready to sign in by paying. $97 but one idea come to my mind to go check on that where I found out that this is a scam Don't let anyone to get easy money from us . You can sued a person the one you know exactly where he lives but this company doesn't have a correct address and phone number to call them That's my question can I invest my $97 to someone I don't know or even meet. Please don't be fool again
  • I'am very upset secret wealth formula,I want my money back or the lord Jesus Christ will get them for more than one thousands times the amount than I paid to them,127.00 dollas you will see what so ever a man sowed that shall he aslo reap you can take than to the Bible,in Jesus Name.
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