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Instant Money MakerThe Instant Money Maker ( is the newest incarnation of a shady home business opportunity.  The terrible truth is that this program creates so many bad customer reports that the owners are constantly creating new names and looks for their site.

One of the first bad signs regarding this program is that it’s sold using deceptive tactics, the most notorious of which being the fake news article.  These article use sob stories about young single moms who use The Instant Money Maker kit to make a great living online.

These fake news articles use an IP reading script in order to tailor the “publication” to your  town.  This personalization is meant to build trust, but generally breaks trust when people realize the whole thing is phoney.

In the past programs like The Instant Money Maker used a hidden continuation billing cycle in which a minimal processing payment automatically enrolled you in a high cost monthly subscription plan.  In this particular case they’re selling the program for a one time payment of $19.97.

So What is the Problem with The Instant Money Maker?

Why would someone who had a system for earning up to $375 a day, as they claim, sell it for only 20 bucks?  The answer is simple:  they sell their program cheaply in order to get you in the door, after which they try to convince you that in order to succeed you need additional hosting, software, coaching, and so on until you’ve spent hundreds of dollars.  As for the $375 earnings figure, that’s generally a made up figure.

The simple reason that they keep changing names and websites is good enough to tell you to stay away from The Instant Money Maker.  If people were genuinely having success with this course, then they would selling programs based on their merit and not bad practices.

The good news is that Automated Home Profits is being sold through ClickBank, a 3rd party payment processor which has a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.  So if you have purchased the kit you can easily get your money back.  However, it is important to keep in mind that only your initial charge of $19.97 is available for refund.  Any money spent after that time is paid through PayPal, which guarantees no refunds and you likely won’t be able to get any of that money back.

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