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It looks like the owners of haven’t been paying to attention to the new FTC regulations. A quick look at their website reveals many violations of new and old guidelines put forth by the Federal Trade Commission, not mention a whole host of other shady practices.

These one page Google Kit type websites have been plaguing the Internet for close to a year now. They’ve made use of the latest tools in online deception, including billing fraud, and despite prevalent legal threats are showing no signs of slowing down.

I found out about The Internet Profit House by visiting a site called, which featured an article on Mary Steadman and her success working from home with Google. The article described how all Mary does is post links on Google which earn her $25 per link.

The article closes with a link to claiming that you can get started for just one buck in shipping and handling fees. This feel good story has been responsible for convincing hundreds of thousands of people into signing up for one of these kits; sadly the entire thing is one big fraud.

If you scroll past the comments on the article, which are all completely fabricated, you’ll get to the disclaimers for Curiously, this section is longer than the entire article itself and reveals some very interesting things about Mary Steadman and internet news daily.

The reasons for the massive legal protection:

  1. This is not a real newspaper.
  2. They are completely misrepresenting the opportunity.
  3. The testimonial is bogus and is not a real representation of earnings.
  4. They are using companies’ trademarks without their knowledge or consent.

This is just what’s wrong with the site linking to; when you get to the actual sign-up page you’re greeted with even more red flags. Let’s take a look.

The Internet Profit House

Here’s a list of infractions found on The Internet Profit House:

  1. Another misrepresentation of popular trademarks which have no association with the product.
  2. Exaggerated and unsubstantiated income claims; they think that if they can prove that one person made that much money they can get away with having those outrageous figures in their sales pitch by covering it with a “results not typical” disclaimer. According to the FTC that is no longer allowed.
  3. Bogus timer; no matter how long you take to sign up for this thing they’ll always take your money.
  4. Unlawfully using the trust marks; if they were a legitimate site those icons would link to a profile for signifying that the website has been approved. As is they’re just using the images with no sort of merit attached.

Again, this is just what’s wrong based on a quick once over. When you get down to the terms and conditions you’ll find out exactly why you shouldn’t do business with this company.  They say that all you need to do is pay the $0.99 for S&H to get started, however the full story is revealed in the fine print:

When you order the Risk Free Trial of My Online Cash Secrets you will be charged only $1.97 (non-refundable) for access to the The My Online Cash Secrets training program. You will have a full 7 day risk free trial period from your original purchase date to decide if the My Online Cash Secrets program is right for you. At the end of your 7 day trial period you will be charged $68.53 for access to the The My Online Cash Secrets program.

Refund Policy: Please note that no refunds are given after the expiration of the 7 day trial period. The mailed business kit is yours to keep and since there are no additional physical products with My Online Cash Secrets, no returns of any sort are accepted. You can cancel your membership at any time by simply contacting customer service via telephone or email.

Their Contact info is as Follows:
Toll Free Customer Service: Phone: 877-340-4694 – Customer Service representatives are available during regular business hours. E-mail: [email protected]
My Online Cash Secrets
Athinodorou 3,
Dasoupoli, Strovolos,
P.C. 2025 Nicosia, Cyprus

So what we have here is a site that doesn’t disclose the full price of its course and is counting on the fact that you don’t read the fine print in time to cancel. The best part is that they’re located offshore, which means that all legal disputes have to take place in Nicosia, Cyprus. Good luck canceling…

By this point it should be pretty obvious that you need to stay far away from Online Cash Secrets or whatever they’re going to be calling themselves next month.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I, too, fell for this because of the "Google" name. However, after looking over the info online for a couple of days after paying my $1.97 by credit card, I never went back to the site. The billing amount went unnoticed on the credit card because they kept changing the name every month and we had another recurring charge of the same amount, and a lot of activity on the card every month. Finally, after 6 months, I saw the charge and immediately called the number listed which turned out to be a customer service center. The young lady who assisted me was very helpful and "spoke to her supervisor" who allowed 4 months refund. After advising the nice young lady to look for another job because she was working for a crooked and unethical outfit, I immediately called my credit card company bank (citibank). They know all about Internet Profit House and have assured me that they'll get the rest of my money back. So, take heart! You can get your money back! (Well, I haven't seen it yet, but I believe Citibank). I've learned my lesson the hard way. I hope all of you have learned yours, too!!
  • I was the victim of this scam as well. Lost $400 since they started charging my card for 10 months.
  • I read the comments here because my Girlfriend received a charge to her account from INETSME based in San Francisco...seems they changed business name and location....anyway I just wanted to say that the 2 people that posted saying this program works for them is affiliated someway with this company so that people will continue to give their money away to these scammers...My Girlfriend never even heard of theinternetprofithouse or has attempted to join an internet business online and she is trying to find out how they got her card number. Beware of keylogger trojans....use super antispyware online scan and then ATF cleaner and finally DR Web Cure It (download from softpedia or brothersoft. Keyloggers are the number on source for stealing one's information.
  • If we as Americans would stick together, we could attack companies like internet profit house with attorneys and get every dime back plus attorney fees and maybe even get a little cash from them to give to us! I hate how we have to live in constant paranoia, never knowing who to trust and be hit by scams like this everywhere we go! If we would start taking places like this down and make them pay back every dime plus pay for the hassle we went thru I believe we could put fear into anyone who thinks about starting something like this! Thanks!
  • TheInternetProfitHouse is now operating under a new name as of Feb 2010 Online Home.

    I did not realize I was being charged a monthly fee of $68.53 until four months of charges had been made. When I finally received the information of the fake account set up with my email address by the internet profit house I was told by Wells Fargo that I was too late to recover the charges for the first 3 months. I disputed the final charge and was told by Wells Fargo that it was a legitimate charge based on the information provided them by the fraudulent company.
  • OK, so here is my encounter with IPH., I was a moron and didn't read the fine print prior to signing up. I figured to continue after the first charge. and as all the rest of you I got charged a 4th. time or more. I was only supposed to get 3 charges of $63.54. 1 difference. I have a digital voice recorder. legally I told them when I called I was recording the call. I called thier customer service line during the week, (reg. hrs.) they where very helpfull & nice. explained the issue and they refunded the 1 over charge. It did take a few more calls for them to stop turning off my web access due to there was 1 other person with the same name as mine that wasn't playing by the rules. My take on this whole IPH gig is...CYA and be honest, and there will be no problems. Read the fine print, and talk to a Sup. Every encounter with them was very good with the exception with an after hrs. sup Named Francisco.
  • OMG I am so pissed I just saw at this moment that I got scammed by internetprofithouse. Shame on me for not reading the fine print. I brought this on myself. I am currently unemployed and put the charge on my cc. Big mistake! Thank you for the number posted. The number posted on the cc statement left me on hold for 15 minutes. I have learned my lesson the hard way but it was learned.
  • Well friends, I got took for a little over 300.00. I signed up on Nov 10th and called 10 days later to cancel. Thought I was canceled and then noticed I was still getting charges for 79.97 on my bank account. Due to it being Christmas and it only showed online cash on my account I thought I had made a Christmas Purchase. In Jan I see it again and could not figure out what it was. Feb rolled around and again, but this time it showed a I contacted them and they told me it was for internet profit house. I called and stayed on hold for 45 minutes. Finally got someone and they said I did not cancel. I argued and told them I wanted a refund for Dec, Jan and Feb since I canceled 10 days after I signed up. No go, I ask for a supervisor (Samantha Lopez) and we argued back and forth and finally gave me 20.00 back, wow. I told her she could give it to me but that was not acceptable and I would find away to get my money back. I was on the phone with them over 2 hours!!!!! I ask for their mailing address to write a complaint and she just said they were in Hollywood FL. She would not give me any further info.
  • Gashed for $205.59 plus another $68.53 overpayment Oct. 2009 to Feb. 2010. May get my overpayment back. Charges may keep coming. Scared enough to cancel my credit card.

    Checked the Internet Profit House on-line at the Better Business Bureau. BBB will rate A to F. Found five locations from San Francisco to New York with this business name and one aka (Penbrook). There are complaints at each location. The BBB ratings ranged from D+ to F, with the highest being the D+ in San Francisco. Three of the locations had Fs. None of the five are registered with the BBB.

    Internet Profit House customer service website does not link to any customer service organization. Customer service telephone response from (877)340-4694 is quick to answer and courteous but will not say where they are headquartered, other than Los Angeles. BBB shows a location at Glendale (BBB rating of F). BBB search for Los Angeles or Glendale leads back to San Francisco (D+) location. Information suggests the San Francisco location is deflecting heat by operating out of Los Angeles.

    I made a complaint on-line to the BBB. You can too.

    Sorry public. We let ourselves get screwed. The BBB could have given us a clue had we thought to check before subscribing to the $1.97 special.
  • Scam! Sucker!

    I ordered this for 99 cents in Oct. 2009. Did not notice the seven day cancellation requirement. Within two days I had decided to work harder at my regular job instead of grasping at miracles and my wife was not interested in pursuing this. I thought I would get a mailed statement or email asking if I wanted to continue.

    I have been charged $68.53 three times now. My wife was paying attention to the Credit Card statements and called my attention to it in a very unfriendly manner. We called the customer service number and got an immediate reply.

    I was told I now have "lifetime" access to this program and that I would receive an emailed cancellation response for the third payment - within 24 hours. We'll see if that happens! In the meantime I'll protest the last two payments with the Credit Card Company (hasn't been much help before) and cancel the credit card. These jerks can then bill the ether! TAKEN! EMBARRASSED! MAD!

    I will now see if they have a rap sheet with the BBB.

    I'll either add to it or start one!
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