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Tiny Details, located online at TinyDetails.com, says they are the leading artisan manufacturer of miniatures in the United States, as well as being an independent work from home opportunity.

Since opening in 1999, this company says they make over 500 different dollhouse miniatures which are carried in 2,200 shops both worldwide and on the internet.

According to their website, their miniatures are so well respected because they are all made by hand, from at home assemblers, and held to a level of quality necessary for a “superior product.”

How Does It Work?

If you are interested in working from home for Tiny Details, you simply need to go to their website and choose one of their products that you would like to assemble. After deciding on your product, send in a $55 dollar deposit for the kit of materials necessary to complete assembly.

After you receive the kit, you complete the assembly of the miniatures and return your finished products to the company. Once they receive the items and approve them, your $55 deposit will be returned to you, as well as the project payment.

Payment for assembly projects range between $50 and $200. The price of the project is published on the website, along with the level of difficulty.

Is Tiny Details Legit?

There are situations in which items will not be accepted. In these cases, the items will be returned to you, along with the option to order any extra materials at no extra charge. There will also be a list of instructions of what you must do to fix the products. Once you have made all the necessary changes, you can resubmit the items for payment.

You also may decide that you have complaints, issues, or another reason that stops you from being able to complete the project. If you return all the remaining supplies to Tiny Details, however, they will refund half your deposit.

Finally, you can do as many projects for this company as you choose, without limit. However, after you have exceeded $600 of earnings within a calendar year, the company is required to report your earnings to the IRS so you can be taxed appropriately. Please keep this in mind so you can adjust your own tax records accordingly.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Tiny Details " is 2.67 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
  • I worked for Tiny Details way back in 2004 up until 2007 and would still today if I had time. I enjoyed making their products. When you get your kit you get a time limit to finish if you finish in that time frame and send the finished products back, you will get paid. I never had any problems with them. Excellent work from home business.
  • I assemble for tiny details and they are for real. I have had to redo some of my work. They have gone the extra mile to help me get the job done and then some. easy to work for if your work is done correctly. I have been paid and still look forward to my next kit and check. Good luck whatever you take on but I must say this has been great for me.
    • Hi, have you made more than $600 or has this became an issue. I need a job and think this would be a great way for me to provid for my family if it is ligit. Granted I have no clue where I can get $50 though.
    • Are you still working for them? If you could message me [email protected] I keep trying to call but the number is always busy. I left an email but nothing in return.
    • Hi Sandy, you have the most recent comment...so I am interested and looking for advice...perhaps you could private message me thru facebook?
  • I've assembled a couple of their products. I've never had a problem with them at all. I made my kits, sent them in and received my payment. But, I've stopped assembling their kits because, since this company only does miniature size products, its a lot of time to complete and you have to be extra extra careful to not mess up. And, I began to get frustrated lol. But, this company is not a scam. I received my payments for whenever I made their kits. Therefore, I have nothing bad to say about them..
  • Worked side by side right there in the 12x12 office and everything is set up to take, not give. Buyer beware and remember their working under a new name now.
  • Total scam. Scam SCAM.... I have been deAling with these people for over a year too get my full payment for 6 approved kits....when I ask the man who always answer the phone what the owner name is he told me he didn't no his name, so he don't no who you work for.... Was my response ...don't waste money and time investing in this bullshit...I would start my own business....
  • Total scam. Sent money for the assembly products and never recieved anything. Now all sites related to Tiny Details no longer exist! Email for more details if you want, or let me know if you know of any legit online money making opportunities.

    Thanks, Kris
    • It's possible this company may have changed their name to http://www.artisanminiatures.com/pages/how-it-works. All the info surely does look familiar at their site. Just an FYI, if you paid by credit card, it is possible they may help you reverse the charges so you can at least get your kit fee back. Yep, I'm one of those who went through heck with these people. Sorry to hear you did to. Report them anyways, to as many scam sites as you can. Verrrry interesting. I saved all the info from my fight with them, including their own page at Tiny Details, which happens to have links. I clicked on the one for Contact Us, it took me directly to ... yep, you guessed it, Artisan Miniatures. They changed name. Hope this helps.
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