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Traffic Brokers is a new home business opportunity that’s just been released. The course is designed to show people how to make money from an important aspect of internet business: online traffic.

The concept is to redirect internet browsers from typical sources and to instead send them to sites that will pay you money for referrals. It differs from traditional affiliate marketing because the people you redirect don’t have to buy anything for you to get paid.

Traffic brokering at its core is simply finding someone who puts a high value on internet visitors and then sending them traffic. So for instance a Real Estate company in need of leads places a high value on email addresses of young married couples with a household income of over 80k who are in the market.

They’re willing to pay top dollar for it. As a traffic broker it’s your job to send them as much of that traffic as possible.

Traffic Brokers claims they will teach you how to leverage online traffic in order to make money from website visitors without having to create your own site, run pay per click ads, or rely on any other over-saturated marketing method.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Traffic Brokers " is 2.12 out of 5 based on 50 reviews.
  • its seems like scammers are everywhere. you have to watch every step you made less you fall into a pit . thanks you guys for the info
  • I am not favorably impressed with this company. Their failure to respond to my comments and concerns is a major issue. The large number of fees and expenses they don't disclose upfront is also a major issue.

    I did not sign up for a domain with them which is one of the very first things they request after you sign up. I already have 3 with another webhost anyway. Another website which is also reviewing this company says it's a total waste of money to get a domain with them. You don't need a website to do any of the stuff they are talking about.

    I signed up for TrackBack last night but they never activated it. I signed up for some survey companies today. On some of these, the verification links failed and it was just wasted time filling out the online forms. I participated in a few surveys and seriously doubt that I am making a significant of money.

    I soon found my inbox getting bombarded with junk emails. I had some surveys abruptly aborted because they said I did not meet certain criteria. I received one email that wanted me to pay a fee to get a list of a large number of other survey companies. I have increasing doubts that I should plunk down more than the $4.95 I spent to sign up.
  • Deceiving scum!! Nearly fell for one of these BS online money makers again!! WTF? The online world is filled with lying cunts saying the words FREE or WORK FROM HOME you are more likely to be fucking raped on here if you believe the shit. Sick of it all but VERY grateful for bloggers and sites like these that can help stop you making the mistake I once did. When I looked into one over 10yrs ago there wasn't anywhere to get an opinion on wether a scam or not. Thanks ALL except KILL YOURSELVES to the creators & minions of these websites please!! Do mankind a worthy sacrifice for your behavior...
  • I was on this website 3years ago. I'm surprised they are still alive! Someone has to stop their madness. Let us file a lawsuit to them. Geeesss! I'm sure they already made millions of dollors since they started this non sense business.

    If anyone out their decided to fil a lawsuit. Please let me know @ [email protected]
  • Why the hell this crap continues? Who will put a stop to these people? I think these people should get punished, this is flat out called ripping off, stealing, lying, and yet they continue being on the web...Someone take their sites down, I know they will say we can not, YES YOU CAN, TAKE THEM DOWN...
  • Million thanks guys, I was about to join traffic brokers, but after seeing all these reviews, i am pretty sure who there. Moreover, i have been online for quite sometimes. so, there is no way, i would be that easy to get scammed.By the way, if there any legit program out there without any investment, i would be more than happy to hear from you guys.
  • I was going to pay for the 7 days trial but thank god i was wise enough to search about this site before paying anything..thanks alot guys for the information and advice..

    And i hope really no one get scammed one day by those people..

    Wish all of u all the best.
  • Shame on you Guys.

    This is fake, SCAM..
  • The only way to earn money are two things: get a steady job, or set up your own business (sell items, blog, or set up an affiliate marketing website).
  • if u pay the first $4.95 trial do u start earning immediately? 2 the monthly $49.95 does it earn u an income that same month. 3 do u open a new account for this business or you use your existing account? in filling the details of your master card which is the security code and the card no
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