Trent’s Team Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Trent’s Team, located online at, is a new work at home opportunity from Trent Lee which claims to be like affiliate marketing “on steroids” and can help anyone make money online.

Lee says that if you provide him with your email address, he will explain to you why people usually fail in online money making, as well as the solution to that problem, which help you be successful with earning money online.

And once you start using the Trent’s Team system, you could be making “$1,000 a week” within thirty days of establishing your business, and all for less than $45 in starting costs.

The Business

Affiliate marketing is an online money making industry where people earn commissions by promoting the products or services of another company. According to Lee, traditional affiliate marketing takes too much time and effort to be good at before you make any money.

But with the Trent’s Team system, for $25 a month you have access to a “viral blogging system” that is already optimized for making money online and includes access to five different levels of online marketing which will help you earn more money.

According to the website, you will only need to blog 15 – 30 minutes each day, without being a good writer, and you will be able to earn money as soon as the first day you have your business up and running, as long as you purchase the “online wallet” for an extra $19.95 a month.

Things to Consider

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing – which does take time and effort to establish and make money with – Trent’s Team provides you with your website, domain, hosting, maintenance, and marketing, all for one affordable monthly fee.

Unfortunately, this means that Trent’s Team also owns your business – not you. With the time and effort you will be putting in, if for any reason you become happy with something and would like to move on, your website and all the work you’ve done will remain with Trent Lee, not you.

Before you make this kind of commitment, you may want to investigate traditional affiliate marketing for yourself and see if this is even an industry you are interested in working.

Because though the website says you can begin your business for under $45 in starting costs, their costs are monthly charges – which is $479.40 for the year, without the monthly charges of any of their additional marketing products.

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