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TrianaSoft, found online at, is a new type of trading software from Michael Wedmore that is available for the first time ever for just a temporary and short period of time for users from the United States.

This software has been designed to work specifically with a binary options trading platform. Binary options is a certain type of trading that asks people to decide whether a specific stock will rise in value or fall in value during a pre-determined amount of time, which can be as short as 60 seconds to as long as six months.

Customers who are able to correctly predict the movement of the stock they’ve chosen will be rewarded with a large return on investment. The benefit of TrianaSoft is that the software promises to do all the hard work for you.

What is TrianaSoft Promising?

According to their website, in order to be successful with binary options, investors need to be constantly aware of the markets, local and international news, and millions of other tiny pieces of data which will influence the movement of stocks in one direction or the other.

This software is available to pull in all this data and analyze it for you, and then determines which direction the price of the stock will move during a short period of time. The website says that their predictions are accurate 92% of the time, which will initially get them profits of more than $250 per day and can rapidly grow into “several thousand dollars a day.”

All customers need to do is create an account with the chosen trading platform of this company, which TrianaSoft chooses for you and is currently Morton Finance. Once you sign up with this company, you will have immediate access to the TrianaSoft software.

The Problems

While TrianaSoft does a much better job of explaining how their software works and provides customers with a much more conservative estimate of the type of earnings and profits they can make, the reality is that they are really just another binary options software system making promises that they can’t really keep.

In fact, TrianaSoft is so unoriginal, they aren’t even the only automated software program that is currently partnered with Morton Finance at this time. This trading platform is also working with Drexel Code, another automated software company that promises large profits with little to no effort on the part of the investor.

Though all of these software programs claim to be free, customers must deposit at least $250 with their chosen trading partner to get started, and Morton Finance then pays these websites a commission for bringing them new business. And the bottom line always is that these companies simply cannot follow through on their earnings claims, no matter what they are.

Customers who are interested in binary trading would be much better off reading and studying this type of trading and working with a platform and a licensed adviser directly, than relying on one of these “get rich quick” systems.

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