TripleClicks Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 48 reviews Review It is a one stop shop auction site. TripleClicks features regular auctions with third party buyers and sellers, much like eBay, but it also features its very own penny auctions, called Pricebenders.

In order to participate in auctions on TripleClicks, you must purchase TCredits. TCredits are available anywhere from $1.99 for a single TCredit, to 29 cents per TCredit for a pack of 200.

You use TCredits to list items for sale on TripleClicks, but also to bid on items in their penny auction area called Pricebenders. Just like regular penny auctions, each bid raises the price of an item by 1 cent and extends the clock. The final bidder wins.

If you sell an item on TripleClicks, the sale money will be placed directly in your TripleClicks account and can be used immediately for purchase of other items for sale on the site.

If you would rather have the cash from your sale, you simply need to pay a small cash out fee and the money will be transferred to your PayPal account.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " TripleClicks " is 3.31 out of 5 based on 48 reviews.
  • I have been using TC(tripleclicks and SFI) for sometime,....and it is really very helpful to me,although I at first was very skeptical

    First I saved 50% on Ink Cartridges that I buy locally. That started getting my attention.Plus I bought some neat little gadgets,at a savings.

    I started following the system training,and all of a sudden I started receiving rewards and badges.

    BUT IT TAKES INTO your Second month to REALLY see the things take off.

    If you follow the system,you can get some GREAT offline tools,to help you get signups,that are the most discreet I have seen in the industry.You let people know about this with Gift Cards,TCXCards,and QR Codes sheets,(these you can print free,and give to people for ANY product )

    I think if you follow this system,as i am seeing,your benefits ,savings and income can grow greatly over time....

  • I've purchased several times through TripleClicks, and haven't had any issues with them. They offer a really easy affiliate option - no need to sign up as affiliate, just a regular member, then you can find a link for any items you care to, grab it and enjoy it's automated ID insert. If you're a member of SFI as well, TripleClick just become even more awesome, as they give away 40% of their income from TripleClicks and hand it out to their SFI affiliates who collect 1.500+ Versa Point a month.
  • After such a long time, i have decided to write a review on this site because people have got to know about it..If u are new to and are two collaborating site to form the biggest know business platform. In tripleclicks ,they've got over 40,000 categorized products, listed by various companies worldwide.Now thats when you come in if you have a company, .you can list you products for cents after registering,so your products get marketed very easily. Whats more,make purchases and get your commissions at,also when you market their products and people [downlines] make purchases through you, you also get commissions.. Guys it could take 100pages to write about this online business, you just have to check it out yourself..THATS IF YOU ARE DREAMING BIG AS AN ONLINE BUSINESS Tycoon.
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