Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of the new work at home opportunity from Corey Gates, who claims that he uses a simple trick for making money online that results in more than $90,000 each day.

The website says that with this program, anyone can earn enough money to quit their job within 7 days, and they will begin making money within the first 24 hours after purchasing this program.

According to the video presentation, Gates says that he will give this trick away to people for free, as long as they are willing to take advantage of it right now, in the small window of opportunity he has provided.

How It Works

Basically, Gates has created a system of internet marketing which utilizes the traffic that can be found every day on YouTube, the popular video sharing website. The presentation says that using their training and software, you’ll be able to make a full time living online.

The Tube Cash Code includes step by step training guides, which are designed for both beginners and for those who are considered more advanced, as well as pre-designed software and access to webinar training.

This combination of training materials will help you drive traffic from already popular YouTube videos to your own videos or even to your website if you have one, which gives you an important audience to then convert into sales.

The Problem makes a lot of outrageous promises which should make people very wary of this opportunity, the first, of course, is that they make extreme earnings claims that simply be won’t be true for 99.9% of the people that use this program.

$90,000 a day simply isn’t feasible for every person that signs up for this program, and admits this with a disclaimer that says all testimonials from the presentation represent exceptional results that should not be expected by everyone.

Then they also present this opportunity as though it is free in the first half of the presentation, but then you realize that it actually costs an initial fee of $49.00 with potential secondary fees down the road. All these signs indicate that this may not be an ethical opportunity.

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