Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 11 reviews Review It is the online home of TVC Matrix, a sales associate branch of the Motor Club of America, a vehicle assistance club which has been in business in the United States since 1926.

The Motor Club of America is a well respected business which offers their members a wide variety of benefits, including emergency road service and towing, travel planning and assistance, $5000 stolen vehicle reward, $50,000 accidental death benefits, $3000 for legal fees, and more.

TVC Matrix partnered with MCA to offer a business option for their members, and it won’t cost you anything other than the purchase of an MCA membership.

How It Works

Sales associates are asked to purchase one of three different levels of membership so that they can best understand the benefits offered by MCA. They then have the ability to sell that specific membership level to others.

They receive double the cost of their investment for each membership they sell, a generous payout system that is described as being unlike anything else in the business.

The lowest level package will cost you $39.90, which is equal to two months’ membership up front, and will pay out $80 for every membership sold. The next level costs $59.98, and pays $120, and the final level costs $79.98 and pays $160.

What to Know

There are many different people that worry about the legitimacy of this opportunity, believing it may be a scam because there is no other company in the business that offers payouts which are twice the amount of money you invest. But promises that earnings opportunities are straightforward and honest.

Working with TVC Matrix as an MCA sales associate, you will be an independent contractor, which means that you are responsible for paying your own taxes out of the money you earn. To get started, you will be given an explanatory brochure, training materials, and other important forms.

You can also contact an experienced MCA sales associate for coaching and support, so that you can get the best guidance on some of the tougher issues when getting started, like whether or not associates get to keep commissions if the members they sell to cancel their memberships or ask for a refund.

Interested parties can go to and find the phone numbers on the Support page of their website if they have further questions.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " TVC Matrix " is 1.27 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
  • AAA doesn't charge a monthly fee.

    You have to fill out Federal W-9 form and pay your own taxes if you become ann associate.
  • this is NOT a scam. You are paying for your monthly membership in Motor Club of America, which gives you over $100,000 in benefits. But, oh well, if you don't join, that's more potential customers and $80 payments for me. This company is over 100 years old - doesn't that tell you something?
    • This company was founded in 1926, and has been flagged and barred from being sold in North Dakota due to it being a scam. They are also not allowed on BBB due to being an illegitimate business.
  • Woooo hoooo thank you all so much they was just about to wipe me CLEAN
  • A postcard with the name of Porsha. McKnight and the website of AAA was placed on our vehicles side windows at work. I checked for reviews & believe it to be a type of scam.
  • The 19.99 per month is for your own membership. I just started too and I have made $800 already. You are not paying to work, but you have to have an account in order to sell. Hope this helps you. Click the link below and read all about it. IT'S NOT A SCAM I PROMISE!
  • This program is the best I’ve seen, The assiosite our the best they answer and questions you have. Where can you invest $60 dollars and earn $80 to 200 are more a week depends on the time you invest in the business. It’s not a get quick prossets you work at your own pace. Messeng me Dink Dalton for more information you will knot be sorry.
  • I just joined. I'll let yall know if it ends up being a scam or not.
  • I can't believe I just about fell for it until I read this article. Thank you for saving me $20.00 per/mth. That was the big red flag for me. Since when do you pay a company to work for them. I am so glad I read this first. Thank you so much for taking your time to inform others.
    • Lol. Sorry but I have to laugh. No disrespect, but you and whoever else is complaining about paying $19.99. If you guys actually did research on the company or called and spoke with a agent, or even watched the video, you guys would know that the $19.99 that you pay a month is to keep the membership to the company. MCA offers varies of different services, one of them being Road Side Assistance which is $19.99 per month. It's just like having CAA (road side assistance). You obviously have to continue to pay per month to have their services. No company is going to give you service for free and why should they. Apart from the monthly service fee that you have to pay, for using their services of your choice, you also have the opportunity to generate income by selling the same service to others, that MCA just sold to you. Before you speak badly about a company, take the actual time and research it and understand how it works first.
  • My goodness.. Thank God i've read these comments. I just thought of reading reviews and i'm saved. I was totally falling for this company.
  • im glad i read all this I was about to fall for it !!!
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