Twin Peak Profits Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Twin Peak Profits is a new work at home opportunity offered by internet marketing entrepreneur Ryan Dennis which is aimed at helping struggling affiliate marketers earn “cash windfalls” every day.

Ryan Dennis says that he is one of the founders of Twin Peak Marketing, a company which was established in 2002 and is now used by major international brands all over the world for their marketing abilities.

Their new product, Twin Peak Profits, is not aimed at large corporations. Rather it is priced at a one time fee of $47 and was designed specifically for the average person attempting to earn from home using affiliate marketing.

What Is Twin Peak Profits?

Twin Peak Profits is essentially a software and training package, which promises to take your internet marketing business from struggling to successful. It offers step by step training, one on one coaching, priority support, and, of course, the software itself.

The software being offered in this package is promised to give users the ability to surpass any technical difficulties and get a website up and running and, most importantly, the website will be set up to make money.

The website is said to automatically select and integrate products and converting offers from major affiliate programs like Clickbank and Amazon. The informational video at says that you can earn hundreds of dollars within as little as ten minutes.

The Bottom Line

Twin Peak Profits was set to launch on January 1, 2013, and currently is only available to customers who were on their pre-order list, or who have been invited by other members to join.

Since this software and training program is so new, there are not many reports available from experienced users to say whether or not they have found this product satisfactory to the description being given by the video at

That being said, you should always be wary of an affiliate marketing training program which makes outrageous earnings claims – such as you can make $228 in 15 minutes just by clicking a few buttons, or that you can earn almost $8,000 within 3 days of purchase – while also saying that no hard work or effort is needed to start earning money.

Twin Peak Profits is a Clicksure product. Clicksure offers what they call a 60 day “risk free” money back guarantee. However, their actual money back guarantee states that you must prove that your product is defective or submit another reason for return which needs to be approved by Clicksure before you can receive your refund.

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