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The Ultimate Cycler is an independent, work from home opportunity which describes itself as a money making system that is “built by the people, for the people,” and can give anyone the ability to earn a living from home.

They describe their system as being incredibly simple. You become a member of their team, refer and recruit others to be members as well, encourage and teach them how to refer and recruit, and so on.

To become a member, all you need to do is provide the referral information of the representative that recruited you when you login, as well as pay a $25 membership fee, which gets you access to all the products you will be selling.

The Promises

Ultimate Cycler says that they offer a 2×2 compensation plan with the ability to pay members directly whenever sales are made, instead of having members wait for traditional paydays which only occur a couple times a month.

In addition, they have 24 hour coaching services to assist you with your business, as well as “quality products,” a professional website, hosting, and software tracking. In short, everything you would need to run a successful multi level marketing business.

Finally, they also promise an unlimited earning potential. Their website says that they have members who have been able to earn thousands of dollars in a very short period of time, due to a combination of effort and the tools provided by Ultimate Cycler.

What You Need to Know

Success in multi level marketing opportunities relies on two factors: the quality of the product you have to sell and your ability to recruit new sales team members to your downline so that you can maximize earnings.

The products at Ultimate Cycler seem to predominantly be mobile applications available for iPhone and Android phones. Mobile applications have grown in popularity as a method for business since the Smartphone market has grown so rapidly in recent years.

However, the applications for sale by this company are more expensive than average apps. One they quote as being $17.95 and another as $47. Applications with these kinds of fees may be harder to sell than standard applications, so that is something you must be prepared for.

Also, it is worthwhile to say that Ultimate Cycler does say that you will only earn money dependent on how much time and effort you put into sales and recruiting. If you don’t have much time to spare, you won’t have the ability to earn much. Network marketing can be lucrative, but it takes a lot of time and commitment, so new associates should keep that in mind.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Ultimate Cycler " is 3.19 out of 5 based on 32 reviews.
  • Hello Good People! I tried to warn you! But no, you did not listen or shall I say read and do double research!! I am not saying the program is dreadful. No, is dreadful that this has happen to you that you lost money! I know. This is not the first time my shoes have hit the dance floor!! Next time maybe you will take my advice I gave to you in April! You must do "double research" before you join most of these programs. That is, if you want to MAKE "CENTS"! lol... You know. Make sense! Anyone can make a business sound great, if they trying to get your money. People lie more than they tell the truth. Go where I advised and see if it makes a difference! See you in a month to see who and how much you lost again or gained! Much peace and love. Nyan. 5-25-17
  • Hello Good People! As you know, there area a lot of scams going around online. You should know that there is always a s!@#$head in the crowd. A "excellent idea is to "ALWAYS" check "SCAMADVISER" before you purchase "ANYTHING" online. Or go and google in the product of business for a "REVIEW", Or google it in and place the word "YOUTUBE down from it. Out of these 3 ways, you should KNOW if you still want to get involved. We all want the truth but you have the ones that don't know it, don't care, selfish, or just plain out being themselves, "DEMONIC"! Be careful and double check these places. Satan work overtime!!lol... Hope I was some help. May Messiah Yahshua bless you and all your endeavors. Shalom. 4-28-17 10:25am
  • Am a member and people are ready for ultimate cycler but why the increment in fee from 12,500 to 17,500. Please help us and do something over it so we can smile back to ultimate cycler.
    • According to CEO Peter Wolfing, the increment of fees, known as Admin fees, are used to keep the Company in business. These fees help with the operating cost. Also, you will note that the admin fees are a one-time paid fee. Once you have upgraded to the top business center, there are no more fees. Hope that helped you to understand. Have a great day!
  • I've registered for more than a month now no pairing mogbe.
  • i registered two weeks ago for the ultimate cycler after then it crashed now that it has come back i have been trying to login my account but it just keep on logging another persons account, what should i do
  • i was registered since last two weeks and four days no i also brought some five people till now no payment have been made .what should i do
  • If I was unable to bring two peoples, will I still get paid
  • I registered someone when the network was bad and now when I checked my dashboard I discover she have been registered but can’t loged into her account use g her username and password I used in registering her. I also tried using forget pasward the system is telling me the email of the person does not exist what should I do.
  • It's been more dan 2weeks now,i registered myslf and 2 persons under me,bt since the website came bak i've been my pending receiveable bt dia z nobody there....does it means my money is gone due to d website previous problem??? Please i want to know @melvin G?
  • someone was supposed to pay me but he didn't nd have tried to purge the person out and Mark for refill but it's not working. what might be the cause?
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