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Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle, found online at UltimateDotComLifestyle.com, is a new work at home opportunity which is described as “the world’s only ‘Done for You’ Sales System.”

According to their website, the “Dot Com Lifestyle” means having freedom of time, money, and location. While there are many different jobs that provide freedom of one or even two of these aspects, there is only one area of business that can provide all three, and that is working online.

Customers who are interested in “having it all” are welcome to get started with their system for just a one-time application fee of $49, which will result in an interview phone call. Customers who are accepted after the interview can begin working their system; any customers that are rejected will have their application fee immediately refunded.

The Promises

Their website says that to be successful, online business owners only need two things: traffic and conversions. Unfortunately these are two of the most difficult aspects to be successful at.

This is why the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle wants to do these things for you, and they provide their customers with a 21 step program that will walk them through everything they need to do, day by day, until their independent business is established.

They will also provide their customers with all the tools and products needed to be successful. Specifically they offer proven websites and marketing funnels that will convert your traffic for you, and which include: quality-products that provide real value, top-notch customer service, merchant processing and accounting, and a staff of over 150 people to run it all for you.

The websites says that all their customers have to do is find the leads and send them to the high converting websites. When your leads buy from these websites, you will be paid $1,250, $3,300, or $5,500 depending on which program they purchase.

Is Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Legit?

The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle’s business method is legitimate, but the way they present their business is extremely unethical. They claim that this system is completely “done for you” and that all you have to do is send leads their way and they will convert them into sales that will pay more than $1,000 each time.

However, a quick look at their Earnings Disclaimer shows this to be blatantly untrue, since their average active consultant earns less than $700 in commissions per year, and this company designates an “active consultant” as one that has completed their entire 21 step program and is regularly using their tools to find and convert leads. This is an important distinction, because it shows that people who purchase their system but then quickly drop out are not bringing down this average.

This Disclaimer goes on to say that commissions will depend entirely on the individual, their work ethic, and their experience, which is frustrating for all the people who signed up for this program after being told that everything was “done for you” and that they needed no experience and wouldn’t even have to “lift a finger” to earn money.

The truth is that while there are some people who can “have it all” while working in the affiliate marketing or online sales industries, the truth is they don’t have it all in the beginning – it takes hard work, time, effort, and even money to establish a successful online business. And any company that tells you otherwise is lying.

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