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Unique Rewards, at www.UniqueRewards.com, is an online rewards site that lets you earn real cash for simply doing the things online that you would normally do, like visiting websites, reading emails, and shopping online.

Like most other reward sites, Unique Rewards offers credit to their members for taking surveys, reading advertising emails from sponsors, shopping online through their website, and completing cash offers from companies they partner with.

Established in 2003, UniqueRewards.com is one of the few online rewards sites still operating that offer cash payouts instead of gift cards or other types of rewards given in exchange for points earned.

How It Works

For each action you complete for UniqueRewards.com, your account will be credited anywhere between 12 hours to 30 days after completing the task. Because of this long variance in time, it is important that you keep personal track of all your completed tasks, so that you can contact the support team in case you do not receive credit.

Also, when completing your cash offers, remember that each offer comes with different rules and requirements. So while one offer may allow you to cancel quickly after signing up while still receiving your credit, another offer may require you to stay signed up for a longer period of time before honoring your credit.

In order to receive your cash back shopping rewards you must connect to the store you are shopping at from UniqueRewards.com. In addition, if Unique Rewards offers coupons at the store, you may use them in combination with the cash back offers.

You may cash out your rewards once you’ve reached $20, and be paid via check or PayPal. Payments are issued once a week, on every Monday.

The Referral System

Finally, in addition to all the other ways you can earn money from UniqueRewards.com, they also pay you $1 for each person you refer who completes their first cash offer.

You will also receive $5 for each person you refer who successfully reaches their $20 payout, as well as 10% of their qualifying earnings for as long as they – and you – remain a member.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Unique Rewards Legitimate " is 2.21 out of 5 based on 28 reviews.
  • They used to pay but then they stopped using Paypal and you had to use bitcoin or a check and it takes forever to get the $50 for a check and then they just DON'T pay you. they just keep saying "next week"
  • Please stay away from this company. I spent a lot of time doing surveys and finally accumulated $20 for the first payout, but I never received money. I emailed customer service many times but they just fool me by making fake promise...and after 2months of waiting I finally realized that they are a scam and would like to warn people not to use them.
  • They used to use Paypal. Payouts were. $20. Never had a problem.

    Then they stopped using it. Have to get $50 then they will send a check. I have asked for payment on Sept 9, 2020. They sent an E-Mail. back saying they NEED my Social Security number or drivers license. I said no. Never herd back from them. Thinking of talking to my states AG.
  • I really, love this site and it is one of the most high paying site.

    it really, helps me a lot. I am very much happy to be a member of this site thanks!
  • SCAM! They did not pay me recently and has failed to keep a promise. They e-mailed me and said they would pay next Friday and I never gotten paid.
    • thank you for the head up on this site i only got one check and that was 4 years ago and now they are asking us to make 50 or more on here and i was about to cash out in 2018 and they told me that i need more then 20 dollars on my account and they never told me they changed anything and when you do the surveys you dont get any thing at all i tried 25 of them and i got told that the survey was closed and they closed my account on here after i tried to make more after my 20 was made they told me that i was not following the rules on here so now i will cancel my account on here for good and i find a better site to make money on

      thank you

      if you get this try survey junkie and my points and swag buck they rock the most
    • I have been waiting since December 27, 2019 to be paid. It is now January 26, 2020 and I am still waiting. At first, they sent me a confirmation email saying I would be paid Monday, December 30, 2019. Never got. Numerous emails and am still waiting. No other site I belong to promises and promises a payment and then does not pay.
    • Same here. I have been waiting a month to be paid. They send me emails telling me it is on it's way, or I will get it this day or that day. Never get it. I do not understand why they promise you and fail to keep their promise. I know of no other site that does this. Oh well, good luck to us playing the waiting game.
    • Agree! They never sent me my payment. I sent them a few e-mails. Uniquerewards is a scam and they are making money off of us. They should be shut down completely.
  • thank for the heads up i got my cash up to 20.00 and they told me they i had to get to 50.00 before i got check in mail and they just got bad on here they use to send you 10 to 18 clicks and now you only get 2 or three and i have tried going back three times a day and it said no more tell next day

    thank you for the head up on this
  • it's garbage and doesn't let you do anything
  • Terrible site do not use it's not worth your time. They do not pay you. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

    I've contacted them and they are giving me the run around. Polite customer service that will kindly tell you to wait a month and then another month and wait and wait.
    • same jus reached gold problems with PayPal try to reach fifty for a cheque lets email then to death no excuse for PayPal problems no other site has it
  • Although I have claimed a reward in the past there seems to now be a problem. They are blaming it on a procedural change with PayPal but said it would be resolved soon. Did not happen yet and now going on 2 months. Their response was then to chose either of 3 other options and cast a vote. These 3 options were either unfamiliar to me or of no interest. I have a feeling that this has reached a dead end and I will never receive my reward.
    • still not resolved hahahaha
    • I agree, same thing happened to me. I reached the $20 cash out amount for PayPal and discovered a message that "PayPal payments have been temporarily suspended" when I attempted to cash out. Below that was a cash out by check for a "new" $50 higher amount cash out. If they cannot pay people by PayPal at $20, why not pay these people with a check which now seems to be available if you are foolish enough to stick around thinking these people will ever pay anything!
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