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Unique Rewards, at www.UniqueRewards.com, is an online rewards site that lets you earn real cash for simply doing the things online that you would normally do, like visiting websites, reading emails, and shopping online.

Like most other reward sites, Unique Rewards offers credit to their members for taking surveys, reading advertising emails from sponsors, shopping online through their website, and completing cash offers from companies they partner with.

Established in 2003, UniqueRewards.com is one of the few online rewards sites still operating that offer cash payouts instead of gift cards or other types of rewards given in exchange for points earned.

How It Works

For each action you complete for UniqueRewards.com, your account will be credited anywhere between 12 hours to 30 days after completing the task. Because of this long variance in time, it is important that you keep personal track of all your completed tasks, so that you can contact the support team in case you do not receive credit.

Also, when completing your cash offers, remember that each offer comes with different rules and requirements. So while one offer may allow you to cancel quickly after signing up while still receiving your credit, another offer may require you to stay signed up for a longer period of time before honoring your credit.

In order to receive your cash back shopping rewards you must connect to the store you are shopping at from UniqueRewards.com. In addition, if Unique Rewards offers coupons at the store, you may use them in combination with the cash back offers.

You may cash out your rewards once you’ve reached $20, and be paid via check or PayPal. Payments are issued once a week, on every Monday.

The Referral System

Finally, in addition to all the other ways you can earn money from UniqueRewards.com, they also pay you $1 for each person you refer who completes their first cash offer.

You will also receive $5 for each person you refer who successfully reaches their $20 payout, as well as 10% of their qualifying earnings for as long as they – and you – remain a member.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Unique Rewards Legitimate " is 2.17 out of 5 based on 29 reviews.
  • Although I have claimed a reward in the past there seems to now be a problem. They are blaming it on a procedural change with PayPal but said it would be resolved soon. Did not happen yet and now going on 2 months. Their response was then to chose either of 3 other options and cast a vote. These 3 options were either unfamiliar to me or of no interest. I have a feeling that this has reached a dead end and I will never receive my reward.
    • still not resolved hahahaha
    • I agree, same thing happened to me. I reached the $20 cash out amount for PayPal and discovered a message that "PayPal payments have been temporarily suspended" when I attempted to cash out. Below that was a cash out by check for a "new" $50 higher amount cash out. If they cannot pay people by PayPal at $20, why not pay these people with a check which now seems to be available if you are foolish enough to stick around thinking these people will ever pay anything!
  • I tried to redeem points, to no avail. These people rip you off when U reach the $20.00. They have no way to redeem, I have tried several times and ask lots of times, either they don't read what I ask for or don't care, they just reply with something different.

    I don't know who these people are who say they make money from them. I guess they are all working for the company and will say everything good about them so they can get other fools to sign up. I have sign up with 2 good survey companies and with no trouble when I want to get my money from them. . They are saying it is my browser, well I have tried 2 and the same thing happened. I guess I will have to lose my money and unsubscribe from them.
    • I totally agree, this site is a scam people should stay away from it and perhaps report it to the authorities. When you request a payment, they would proceed to send you a fake check if you deposit this check on your account it will be bounced and you will end up paying the bank a fee. They are so dishonest, and this site should be investigated and be shot down.
  • i am in love with this website i have been paid 9 times altogether
  • I have been a member for quite some time and I totally love this site. I always have it on the classic rock station and it pays 3 cents for every 30 minutes. I also do the surveys, videos and clicks. You may not want to do the clicks unless you have a good anti virus program installed on your computer cause I did one one time and I ended up with a big virus on my desktop. But the pay is pretty good.
  • I've been paid 5 different times through PayPal and check. I mostly do the paid to click and paid to watch videos. You need to log in 2 or 3 times a day to earn about 20 cents a day with the paid to click offers.
  • Not sure what the top 2 are talking about. I have cashed out many times and have never had an issue. They are either trying to get rich quick or not doing it correctly. See my Earnings:

    Your Paid Earnings

    Signup Bonus 1 $5.00

    Mailings Read 504 $6.01

    Earnings For Clicks 5898 $58.98

    Video Earnings

    90 $0.90

    Radio Earnings

    53 $0.27

    Cash Tasks Earnings

    3 $0.03

    Cash Offers/Surveys Earnings View Details

    72 $67.44

    Cash Shopping Earnings View Details

    4 $10.43

    Miscellaneous Earnings View Details

    0 $0.00


    Referral Rewards View Details


    Total Paid Earnings: $168.80

    Patience is a vurtue, a site is not a scam if you do not follow the terms per each offer. And the offers are worth more than just $0.01 each, many different ways to earn cash, I just do not like the surveys cuz they can take forever. But you do not have to pay to make as much as I have. Unique Rewards Rocks!
    • Veronica you are obviously full of it...not your real name also
    • I am not surprised to learn that you have been paid by this company, they will pay people who follow directions and complete their tasks. That is not the problem with this company. The problem with Unique Rewards is the many ways in which they rip their own clients off. Have you ever actually read the terms and conditions of some of their offers? Just check out the terms and conditions for WinBidWin. Any person who signs up for that particular offer is going to get screwed ten ways from Sunday. That is just one company of the hundreds of companies that are waiting for some poor sap to sign up for their so called "service". If you read the terms and conditions and you still think that Unique Rewards is a great company then you are either wearing blinders, or you are simply a fool. I was horrified to think of how many people have signed up for just that one company through Unique Rewards. Any company that is willing to make their profits through the foibles of others is not a good company. The terms and conditions for WinBidWin are nothing short of usury, and any company that would promote them is a guilty as WinBidWin is. Unique Rewards does NOT rock, they STEAL. Get a damned clue. Just because they are paying you does not mean that they are not stealing from others.
  • I've attempted five 50 cent tasks ($2.50) and they always find a reason to not pay me. Sometimes I get 5-10 minutes into something and then I can't continue for whatever reason: the site I'm doing the task on doesn't respond and I can't continue, the survey claims I'm not qualified to continue or I finish the task/survey and only see 2-3 cents when I'm supposed to get 5 cents. The only thing they actually paid me for in full was the $5 for signing up and doing the entry evaluation (or whatever they called it). I haven't been paid the correct amount since. Oh wait, they did reimburse me 1 cent for watching a 3:40 min video. Sorry but it costs about 1 cent just to run the electricity through my computer for those 3 minutes. TOday I attempted, for about 10 min a 50 cent task only to be told by Crowdflower that my 'accuracy' ratings were too low and I would not be able to continue. I assume I'm not getting paid for those 10 min either.
  • I don't know what the guy above is thinking, but he must work for them or something because this site sucks. You get like 1 cent for most things that you don't have to pay for first. You go to a bunch of sites for advertisements that just waste your time. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!
  • It's a great site, the surveys and offers are credited the next day like clockwork and I've been paid by them 4 times $25 each time ($20 min.).

    When I've cashed out I was always paid on Monday evening like clockwork.

    They are a legit site from my experience.
    • yeah right
    • I refer you to the comment above that I already submitted. Yes, they may be paying you to complete tasks. What they are really after though is the poor sap who signs up for offers such as WinBidWin. Read the terms and conditions for that offer. If, after reading these terms and conditions, you still think that Unique Rewards is a "great company" then you are either wearing blinders so that you don;t feel guilty for representing Unique Rewards as a great company, or you are a fool. Which is it? Unique Rewards exists to make money off of the misery of others. They exist to see how many of Barnum's fools can be reeled in by them on a daily basis. Yes, they will pay you to do simple tasks, and while they are paying you small sums for simple tasks, they are ripping off everyone and any one they can get their creepy hooks into. I could not take money from them and sleep well at night. There are plenty of legitimate companies out there that you can make money working for. You do not have to be a good will ambassador for this horrid company to make money online.
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