Universal Wealth Secrets Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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UniversalWealthSecrets.com is the online home of Universal Wealth Secrets, a new program which promises people that they will be able to attract “massive, unimaginable amounts of wealth” in just 14 days from now.

This program says that most people have spent their whole lives being told not to want more, but rather to just be happy and grateful for what they already have.

And while this seems like a good approach to life, Chris d’Cruz, the creator of this program, says that this is actually the single biggest reason our world has so many problems with poor and unsuccessful people. He wants to change this.

What Is Universal Wealth Secrets?

The website says that even though our brains naturally want to have more and strive for significant achievements, we actually train ourselves throughout our lives to move away from this mindset, and instead slowly but surely people make choices to “settle for less.”

But the Universal Wealth Secrets websites says that their guide is not just “some rehashed, philosophical book filled with vague ideas about how one can merely ‘think and grow rich.’”

Instead, they claim that their program is “scientific, revolutionary, and proven.” It includes a manual that will reveal to you the secrets of the Universe itself, which will guarantee you abundant riches, as well as a map for the path to riches, and an amazing audio program that “completely reprograms your mind” so that you can become “a lightning rod of wealth.”

The Concerns

It is difficult to know where to begin with this program, but perhaps the best place to begin is with the odd belief that it is everyone’s destiny – as determined by the Universe – to be “unimaginably wealthy.”

Though this could easily be explained if you were willing to take on alternative definitions of wealth, such as being happy and loved and a part of a stable family, but this program defines wealth very strictly as simply earning and having money.

Because of this, the idea that people will be able to discover all the secrets of the Universe as well as their personal path to unbelievable wealth all within 14 days of using this system just seems like an outrageous sales pitch, and not even remotely like reality.

If you are still interested in what they have to say, the website does say that they provide their customers with a 60 Refund Policy if they are unhappy with what they have received. In addition, because this product is sold through Clickbank, customers know that they can contact the marketplace for a refund if Universal Wealth Secrets does not respond to their request right away.

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