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UnlimitedProfits.com is a website promoting a work at home training course called Getting Unstuck. Both the course and the website were created by Robert Hollis, who claims his program will mentor you in becoming successful in the world of network marketing.

Network marketing is a business system that rewards its associates for not only selling products, but also for recruiting new members to sell these products as well.

While the initial membership to Unlimited Profits is free, you can become an ungraded member for a monthly membership fee of $14.95. This upgrade will give you access to more and further advanced training materials.

After you have been a member of Unlimited Profits for at least 30 days, you may begin earning commissions for referring new members to Unlimited Profits. You will earn $5 per referral, provided that your referrals remain active members for longer than 30 days. If for any reason you choose to cancel your membership, the Disclaimer at Unlimited Profits outlines a 30 day refund policy.

Robert Hollis has also created the website GivingItForward.com which details additional business opportunities.

Do you have any experience with the products or services of Unlimited Profits or Robert Hollis? Please let others know by leaving your review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Getting Unstuck " is 4.16 out of 5 based on 32 reviews.
  • Unlimited Profits is no longer a "thing". However, while I was a member of it, I improved myself, my limiting beliefs were addressed and I was given tools to work on changing them, my fan page exploded with new positive contacts, and I have changed 200% for the better.

    Robert Hollis is a man who truly cares about the people who hire him to better themselve.
  • Hollis is a liar,thief and con artist.
  • What can I say that has not been said before? I love the Unlimited Profit family ( We are all family all helping each other in different ways). I have struggled for such a long time... Trying to do everything on my own..Now it's much easier and for he first time..consistently I am making an income online that will only get better. You must understand you get OUT what you put IN. You need to spread the word and help as many people as you can..let's face it.. most people are hurting in this world and we have a way to help them all. One at a time. There will be people that 'Have not made it' there could be various reasons but what I know to be true is this If you want things to change then YOU have to change! If you don't then nothing ever changes. I am grateful to have found Robert when i needed him and truth be told sometimes he kicks me up the butt.. and sometimes we all need that.. If your stuck and you need help..reach out to Robert and I know he will do what he can to help you.. He has helped me and I will always be grateful. Maybe it's your turn now. Have a great day where ever you are in the world.

    William O'Toole
  • Hi Everyone. Just thought i would give my impression about UP. I have been doing the free training. Since i started (about a month now) i have made over 300 hundred new friends on facebook - You must see my timeline - full of positive people. That makes me happy. I have many new leads and talk to new people everyday. Before Up, i did not know how to market online or talk to people on social networks, now im getting it. Im hoping to go Pro soon, i cant wait for my interview with Robert. The people that i have introduced the program to are also hoping to go Pro soon. Which means, i know im helping people by introducing them to Robert. I love UP and i will never stop!
  • This is an excellent business working with a wonderful group of people. The information you learn if applied, will change your life as you know it!
  • I have been amazed at the free training I have gotten with Unlimited Profits and the welcoming and helpful people with Unlimited Profits! Robert Hollis gives, gives and then gives some more!
  • Unlimited Profits Is Amazing and changed my life..The system pays people just to promote without a upgrade.I use to have stinking thinking and bad with relationship and building a business.Now that ive been in this i have build a good size of people that love and trust me.Thank you Robert Hollis and Bill Ebert for making this available to everyone
  • Robert Hollis is an AMAZING Man! He is such a Giver its amazing! I have first had seen him change the lives of countless people he meets! I my Self am forever in his debt for all the monitorship and training he has given me! I have made over a million dollars using his training.

    As for the System, they are basically giving it away If you want a Blog, Capture Pages, Funnel System, and a Contact Manager, that shows peoples progress through the system! You would be spending 10,000$ or more! They only Charge 15$ Come on you can spend more then that buying a good burger!

    If your at all skeptical you can get over 200 hr of training for free! He dose not even ask for you Credit Card!
  • I have owned my own traditional businesses since I was 16 years old. When I wanted to move to online marketing I found myself struggling. Then I came across Unlimited Profits. When I started using the training and following what I was taught, I began making money within two weeks! My income from UP has been steadily growing, in fact I have attained several ranks within the company within a very short time. I think that my growth in mindset and business can be directly attributed to this system and the mentorship I have received from Robert. What I am really excited about is the duplication! I am now seeing the people whom I am working with begin to make money online for the first time as well! I would say that, for new or struggling marketers, UP is THE place to start!
    • I second this statement. There are amazing leaders, courses, free training, etc out there that are great - no doubt! A lot of people fail to understand that this is available for everyone but it is not for everyone due to diverse learning styles, personalities and where they are in life. And when it doesn't fit them or haven't allowed the time, patience, diligence, application to follow through, they then point and blame that it doesn't work. I just want to share of my experience, I am blessed to have come across Robert Hollis, Unlimited Profits (UP)/Success in Mins because of the positive changes from the mentorship program thus far. We all have our journey in life... You can't expect to live a positive life when all you do is surround yourself with negativity. God Bless =)
  • I can not say enough good about Robert Hollis. He has always been there for me, even when I went to another company. He is a very caring man, I love him to death. I have had trouble with other people tho who have not been that honest. Live and Learn is what I say, I couldnt be happier with Robert and I have a lot of friends that feel the same way. Only company that I have made money in and enjoyed working with them. No complaints from me and I have been here a few months.
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