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UnlimitedProfits.com is a website promoting a work at home training course called Getting Unstuck. Both the course and the website were created by Robert Hollis, who claims his program will mentor you in becoming successful in the world of network marketing.

Network marketing is a business system that rewards its associates for not only selling products, but also for recruiting new members to sell these products as well.

While the initial membership to Unlimited Profits is free, you can become an ungraded member for a monthly membership fee of $14.95. This upgrade will give you access to more and further advanced training materials.

After you have been a member of Unlimited Profits for at least 30 days, you may begin earning commissions for referring new members to Unlimited Profits. You will earn $5 per referral, provided that your referrals remain active members for longer than 30 days. If for any reason you choose to cancel your membership, the Disclaimer at Unlimited Profits outlines a 30 day refund policy.

Robert Hollis has also created the website GivingItForward.com which details additional business opportunities.

Do you have any experience with the products or services of Unlimited Profits or Robert Hollis? Please let others know by leaving your review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Getting Unstuck " is 4.16 out of 5 based on 32 reviews.
  • I am pretty new in the program but have known Robert and the family for a couple years. My experience with them has been one of greatness. I have received valuable information in a kind and nurturing way and constructive criticism when needed, which I always welcome to enhance my results. Monetarily I have made more income in 15 days of working it, than I have in any amount of time in any company. The programs training and mentor-ships have helped me to improve my mind-set and attitude which in turn have strengthened my personal and business relationships. If you are looking for a great way to earn and become more in your life I recommend Unlimited Profits!
  • Kelli McNeil Goodsir :

    I have been in the Robert Hollis program Unlimited Profits for a month or so now. I am totally blown away at this program. I have been a failure at internet marketing for 8 years and lost a lot of money trying. Robert offers 200 hours of free training that is awesome!! I have never seen anything like this program. Robert is so down to earth, caring, genuine,and sincere. I upgraded and ended up becoming part of a wonderful family that all work together to help each other out. My life has changed so much since Robert Hollis became part of my life. My whole way of thinking and how to make any business a success has changed. I have learned so much and still am. I love this program and am so grateful that it came into my life. I would recommend it to anyone. Robert is the real thing!!
  • Unlimited Profits has been a blessing in my life! I spent $69,000 on college degrees that never did me any use in the "Real World" and never learned the skills I have learned with UP. Robert Hollis has been a personal friend for many years. I have been looking up to Robert and recently started taking his mentorship program seriously and seeing great results in my personal growth, my business skills/growth, confidence and my income. Robert is genuine, big hearted and loves to help others. His "pay it forward" mentality should be shared by all. Unlimited Profits/Success In Minutes is INCREDIBLE!
  • I have a update! Robert Hollis is a scam artist he owes me money and terminated my account. He is a liar and thief! He will pay for his actions count on it!
    • I pray for you too!
    • This comment "I have a update! Robert Hollis is a scam artist he owes me money and terminated my account. He is a liar and thief! He will pay for his actions count on it!" this was created falsely by someone trying to dicredit me and Robert Hollis relationship! Robert Hollis is my mentro and coach and I love him , he has always paid me on time everytime. I tried contacting reviewopedia to get comment deleted but have not received any word back. Unlimited Profits is a great program I highly recommend it!
    • Sad JP you will always be in my prayers! Robert Hollis
  • I signed up under Jonathan Puga and today he told me I was a waste of his time!!! Would not call when I asked him to and insulted me once saying I'm

    just a janitor. Today I shared that with Mr. Robert Hollis and within

    minutes, I was deleted from his FACEBOOK!! Thought he was a Christian

    by all the Bible quotes in his book- but he certainly doesn't seem like

    one to me. NEVER sign up under Jonathan Puga OR you are making the

    biggest mistake or your life and asking for trouble.
    • If anyone wants to know the real truth just contact me but I wish to say no more or bash anyone. I just pray for both of you and hope God helps you.
    • Laura please forgive me for not listening you about JP! He hurt a lot of people so we had to part ways! Anything I can do for you please let me know! God Bless!
  • I have just been in UP/Success in Minutes for a few weeks. These guys in my opinion are the most upfront "tell it like it is" genuine folks I have ever worked with.

    It doesnt matter if you are someone who is just starting out in this business or have been in it for years, they treat you the same which is with respect and dignity.

    I have been doing MLM/Network Marketing for decades with limited success. These guys have renewed my confidence and will to succeed like never before.

    The UP program is growing and improving to help everyone who is prepared to give a little effort.

    These guys rock in my opinion. Much of the training is for free and if you choose to go to the "pro" level and pay your $99./mo you get additional benefits not the least of which is to be personally mentored one on one by people who have made millions themselves so know what they are talking about. Try finding a proven mentor for that kind of money anywhere else.
  • Just another scam! I have done a class on getting "unstuck" and much better than this.
  • Anyone in Australia doing this and making good money? $1000 plus per week? If so how long did it take you?
  • I heard about this program and am checking it out for myself before hand. What makes these comments seem so fake, is the enthusiasm with which the commenters are raving. I have worked for other affiliate programs and know what to look for ie: fake reviews to suggest a positive image of a company and although im not saying this is the case here, it does seem that way. To be honest, my original thought is... "Wow, this Robert Hollis guy sure is busy making rave reviews about himself online." And now im sure he (oops, i mean his supporters/affiliates) is going to come to his defense and tell me how wrong i am and how great he is and how they are so rolling in dough... so ill leave you to it.
  • I made 1400 my first month as a pro in UP , I have since been paid on time everyone. I love UP!
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