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US Consumer Opinion is a new market research website which gives its members two different ways to earn benefits: either by completing surveys or by testing new products.

In exchange for completing surveys, you will earn money, and the amount will depend on the specific survey that you complete. When you test new products, however, you will not earn money, but rather you will get to keep the product you have tested for free.

In order to sign up with US Consumer Opinion, you simply need to give them your name and email address. There is no sign up or membership fee to get started, and you will qualify to take a $30 survey just for signing up.

What You Should Know

After you sign up with US Consumer Opinion, you have to go through a series of screens which ask what market research companies you’d like to sign up with. The top of the page informs you to “Tick the box next to each one for $$$.”

Except only some of the options you can check are actually survey companies. Others are simply boxes saying that you agree to release your contact information to various companies and services so that they may contact you.

Unless you are actually interested in receiving information from the companies listed, you should pay close attention to what boxes you are checking.

As for your $30 sign up survey, you are required to sign up at either a penny auction website or an online dating website in order to take your survey. Signing up at either one of these types of websites often requires a fee, so be cautious if they ask for your credit card number for any reason.

Evaluating Market Research Companies

When trying to earn money with market research companies, there are a few things you should know. First, they should not require a sign up fee. Market research companies are paid by those who want the information from the surveys, not those who take the surveys.

Also, legitimate market research companies require you to fill out extensive questionnaires. These questionnaires will be used to determine whether or not you qualify for a particular survey. Being disqualified in the middle of taking a survey is very frustrating, so be as honest as possible when filling out this information.

Finally, most market research companies require you to reach a specific level of payout before you can collect your money. Check to make sure this level is not too high – $25 or lower seems to be common.

Anything higher is not good, because there is a chance you could become frustrated and want to quit before collecting your money. Keep all these things in mind when looking at the research companies suggested by US Consumer Opinion.

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