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from 50 reviews Review It is a website dedicated to finding your website’s biggest problems in one hour, and then providing you with the information and feedback you need to improve your site’s usability. gives you the ability to create a test for your website and then have real people take the test and give you feedback via video recording, while they are using the site. You can also ask them follow up questions for further information.

For each participant you would like to test, you must pay $39, with a current coupon of $30 off orders over $100 for new clients. Also, if you are looking for extra income from home, allows people to sign up as website testers.

Testing Your Users

You can choose to create your own test, or use a test template based on the area of your website you would like to examine. You can also test competitor websites, prototype sites, Facebook games, or mobile sites and applications.

Once your test is created, you can choose a market to test, either from picking participants from the site, which will allow to pick the demographics of the market you would like tested, or from a pool of your website users, or you can arrange to have new users to your site prompted live to see if they will participate.

Finally, after you have received and compiled all your data from your test participants, you can edit, make notes, create clips of the videos, combine the clips into a highlights reel, and then share the reel and the notes with the coworkers who will help you improve your site based on your new information.

The Work at Home Opportunity

You can also choose to work as an at home User Tester for the website if you are looking for a way to make some extra money. will pay you $10 for every website you test, and each test averages around 20 minutes.

You must be at least 18 years old with your own PC or Mac that has the ability to record your voice via microphone. In addition you must have a high speed internet connection and be able to successfully complete a test run with your equipment for

If you meet all these qualifications, you then must fill out a one page questionnaire with all of your demographic information – such as age, race, ethnicity, region of the country you live, education level, and sometimes more. This information is important as it is what is used to see if you qualify for certain website testing, depending on what market the client is targeting.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Coupon " is 2.6 out of 5 based on 50 reviews.
  • Ashley are you an agent? Why do you question all the people's experience? Why are you afraid that this is just a SCAM?
  • I am sent the same tasks over and over and most of the time I can't get to the link in order to finish the task or start it, for that matter.
  • This has not been my experience. UT has removed poor ratings for me after reviewing my test. I find them to be completely fair.
  • I'm all with Brett Mason above. My experiences with aren't positive at all. I registered as a tester a couple of years back, as I was in dire need for additional funds. Despite my 4* (initial) test rating and sitting right on my inbox, I only got 1 (one!) paid test opportunity till now.

    The past 12 months were a total waste of time; I completed countless surveys with - at times - very personal questions (!) to no avail. I must say this was compensated by an avalange of useless 'New Website Test' emails in my inbox, leading to even more surveys and the standard "sorry you did not qualify for this test".

    It seems to me that the less interest I show, the more emails I get. By now I consider a SCAM to obtain tradeable consumer details and I will have no further part in that. I realize I may have been unlucky, but I advise everyone to monitor how the NUMBER OF SURVEYS compare to the THE ACTUAL TEST OPPORTUNITIES you're getting.
    • I was considering doing the User Testing for supplemental income. In lieu of these reviews, I am definitely changing the option to apply.
  • Too many mixed reviews to say the least. It's obvious that some of the favorable reviews have been salted. Review input sites like this one have always been known for unscrupulous people that mislead the reader.
  • I was a tester on this website for over 1 year. When I first started out the tests were reasonable and I got paid for every one I took. However after the first of this year they began to tell me that I did not qualify for the tests quite a lot when I tried to sign up to take them.

    Lately for the past 2 weeks now the clients who I have tested the websites for have been rejecting my testing and now I have been told I no longer qualify as a tester for User testing due to the bad ratings that I have been given by the clients who put their websites on this site to be tested by user tester like me and others.

    I agree with all that has been said by the people who have been posting their comments about User Testing website. It seems that they do not want to pay the user testers for their opinions about the websites that they are giving the testers to review. I do not like having been told that I will no longer receive payment for my testing of their website. Why do these people think they have the right to get our opinions feedback that they ask us to give them for free. That is not fair.
  • I just signed up and would like to get your honest opinion. I am concerned that the software I downloaded will be able to track all of my information-key stroke tracking. Has anyone had any fraudulent problems?
    • Don't worry! Usertesting is a very very respected and trustworthy company. Many large companies use them!
  • I don't know what many people are talking about. I follow the directions and have never got a bad review. I make sure that I actually qualify for a test before taking it not pretend I qualify to make more money. Some people have said they commented the links don't work whereas when you read the instructions of almost all tests they warn you that many of the links don't work. If you just answer the specific questions they ask, don't try to be a website expert (I am in real life a website developer and designer, but try not to be for my User Testing comments) and go through the process it's good for a few extra buck a month. I probably qualify for no more than 3 or 4 tests a month so it's only a few extra dollars.

    Don't believe anyone's hype that you can make a living doing this. But I think it's on you if you believe or expect that. It's a way to get $10 extra here or there for very little work.
  • Alright, so I've been a tester for 2-3 years now. I've only recently been leaving it open all day and taking lots of tests. I don't know how much longer I'll continue- for the exact reasons everyone has's game over once you get a few 1 stars, taking your payments, and rarely qualifying for tests. Lately I've been laughing- some of the test qualifications will ask something like 'Do you work in Protein Research, Bio-scientist, Physicist, etc?" LOL! I can promise you anyone in a high paying STEM career isn't going to be taking online tests for $10. Lots of these tests want big baller professionals. Your best bet is to give your best guesses on the qualifications. But let's be clear- get used to seeing 'Sorry, unfortunately you did not qualify."

    Next topic- besides not qualifying, it's only a matter of time before your one stars and payment rejection begin piling up. I'm a good tester and thoroughly spend time going over their entire site, always give them 15-20+ minutes. I've gotten 3 one star ratings for petty reasons and 2 payment rejections.

    That's almost like slavery and blind robbery. You DO NOT take 20 minutes of my time for free. As independent contractors, we will always get the boot, as a contractor the company values the client over you any day! These clients do not give a rat's a** about rating 1 star and stealing payment for any dumb reason...they are probably sitting in a cushy office in another reality from us stay at home moms, disabled barely getting by, and unemployed people just trying to earn a few bucks on the internet.

    I also was told I would receive a bonus for certain longer tests that take over 25 minutes, these tests indicated that. Think I ever saw one bonus? Nope!

    Last thing - usertesting customer service takes quite awhile to respond to emails. Sometimes it's next day, but usually 3-6 days.

    Did not want this to be a rant, but taking our payment based on client's petty opinion is very wrong. If they feel the need to ruin the tester's ability to ever get tests by rating 1 star, so be it, but usertesting should not allow payment reversal.
    • You are not understanding me.

      I do the test CORRECTLY exactly how they want and often still receive bad ratings and taking my payment away. This should not be acceptable, and UserTesting is always automatically on the side of the client, not we the testers.

      Keep making justifications all you want, but this is unacceptable. However, nothing will be done because there's always an unlimited amount of people who will tolerant having their nose dragged in the dirt, out of necessity of needing the money bad enough.

      It makes no sense to be on corporate's side and condone the bad business practices.
    • You don't get paid for your time. You get paid for completing the tasks you are assigned for that specific test. If you don't do as you are directed by those tasks, you don't get paid...and nor should you. "I spent amount of time on it, I deserve to get paid" is the excuse of a wage slave, not a contractor.

      When you say you "thoroughly spend time going over their entire site," why do you do this? I've never had a single test that asked me to go over their entire site. Maybe the reason you get 1 star ratings is because you're not doing what the customer is asking you to do and instead doing what you think you should be doing as a tester.

      When you don't read and understand the simple instructions provided for you, you end up not doing what was expected of you. When you don't do what was expected of you, you don't get paid. If you go to a restaurant and order a cheeseburger and they bring you chicken soup instead, do you pay for it? Or do you send it back and ask them to bring what you ordered? Most people send it back, and the restaurant has to eat the cost for their mistake. Same goes for testing websites: the customer says, "place a widget in your cart and proceed to checkout" and you wander off checking their FAQ page for dead links instead, why are you surprised when they don't pay you?

      Do what they ask of you, and only what they ask of you, and you won't have many problems. 3 one star ratings and 2 payment rejections suggests very strongly that you just don't know what you're doing and you should be reading the instructions given to you instead of clicking past them.
  • I now have a several month experience with this site.

    Not only do you waste a lot of time, but even if you perform, you may be disqualified by the company that owns the site being reviewed. They can, at their whim, just decide your review is not what they want, for a number of reasons, and you just don't get paid.

    There is another BIG problem here too. Although the companies say they are looking for what reviewers really think, the person rating you may not like what you say--truth or not. I did a good review for a virus protection program, and among my suggestions, I said the site should compare the footprint on your hard drive that their service has. It is well known some take up too much room. So, I was quite honest, and my remark was relevant as well. The people that rate you are human, and they may be in advertising or management and resent what you say in your review. They rated me average, so my 4+ rating dropped. Unfair but that's how the world is. Why companies would commission testing and then be vengeful for honest recommendations seems odd.

    User Testing shuttles their reviews to higher ranked reviewers. Since that time, I have not had one review offered that I could access, even though I leave their site open all day, same as I did before. There is virtually no way to redeem yourself after you are dinged that way.

    Be honest in your reviews at your own peril. Be PC and sugar-coat.

    I drop my rating of User Testing from waste of time to downright dreadful.
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