Vacation Sooner Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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DreamTrips Life is a new membership based travel club which promises that they can make it possible for anyone, who lives on any budget, to experience more and take world class vacations.

According to their video presentation available at, DreamTrips realized that people want to take amazing vacations and have “bucket list” experiences, but feel they can’t because of money issues.

So DreamTrips created a vacation club which could offer 5 star experiences to their members at 2 or 3 star prices. All you have to do is pay a one time activation fee of $200.00 and a monthly fee of $55.00.

How the Club Works

Using the same bulk buying strategies of companies like CostCo and Sam’s Club, DreamTrips buys tickets, books hotel rooms, and arranges experiences in large numbers so they can get discounted prices which they pass on to their customers, so they can then “Vacation Sooner.”

In addition, all the fees you pay to them are accumulated throughout your membership and then turned into Reward Points which can then be applied to Reward Trips. Every year on the anniversary of your sign up, you will receive 660 points. 1 point is equal to 1 dollar, and when these points are attributed to a trip, it will be discounted by that amount.

They also have an Online Mall, which features over 900 stores, including major retailers like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more. Each time you make a purchase at one of these stores through their Online Mall, a portion of the purchase cost will be added into a Vacation Bank for you and can be attributed to vacations you book at later times.

The Business Opportunity: Getting Started

Customers who choose can not only be Vacation Sooner members, but also representatives who can earn money by selling WorldVentures memberships to new members. All you need to do is pay a one time $99 activation fee and a monthly fee of $11.

Once you refer four active members – who maintain their membership – your monthly membership dues will be waived for as long as those members remain active.

After that, the earning matrix is dependent on how many members you sign up within certain periods of time. The video presentation does not mention monetary compensation; most of the compensation referenced is that of bonuses and sweepstakes entries.

If you are interested in becoming a vacation club member or a representative, or are looking for details about what recourse you have should you have complaints or issues with their trips or memberships, you’ll need to refer to their website or find an active representative in your area to get specifics.

Travel Club Controversy

Travel clubs do not have the best reputations, historically speaking, because of past trends with clubs taking members’ dues and then not honoring travel arrangements due to blackout dates and other limitations.

New travel clubs are trying to change these perceptions and create new understandings of their opportunities, though you will have to reach out to existing members to find proof of whether or not these new companies are worthwhile. Current members who are familiar with this organization are invited to please leave their reviews below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Vacation Sooner " is 3.49 out of 5 based on 53 reviews.
  • Found dreamtrips online and the information seems legit. I would like some clarification so please email me at [email protected]
    • Hello Mcklain! Wilson here. I am a Dreamtrips member and may be able to answer some of your questions. Did you ever received any information about it?
  • I was just contacted last night about this by a good friend of my im on the site just checking out reviews and stuff and all I see is bashing of people who may not think this is for them and giving there views...this isn't a way to get people to join up even if its a great thing...that is still to b determined by me and MY situation...if you guys want people to join then try to take others views in sure there is pros and cons to everything and im sure the consumer isn't the one whos best interest is at heart lets b honest someone is gonna make a buck off this or it wouldn't be offered to us....this has got me leaning away from joining...not totally I need to see more to make a decision...I sure wish I could see what my savings would b if I joined it would make this a easier decision...thanks for letting me express my views
    • This was really helpful toby. Did you ever join and if so whats your experience?
    • Its more so about the experience on the trip and whats offered during your stay hotel, dinner, excursions etc already packaged for you when you actually go at deeply discounted rate and if if u can find some thing cheaper after booking they give u the trip for free and refund you your money, you don't have to worry about spending extra money, then your average trip that you have to save for months or years just to enjoy, hence vacation sooner. hope i've been able to shed some light
  • There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance ...

    That principal is contempt prior to investigation.

    Good Folks having a great time. Join us....or not.
    • your being brain washed into being miserable and broke, while i am loving my life and traveling the world with my family before they die and im 65 years old.
    • Sounds stupid and brain wash, good luck pal!
  • Don't be a fool this is a scam
  • If ur not a member I've got to try bucket list is filling up fast like never before.trips I only dreamed are now my reality
  • Look at it this way......You may already have decided to take a holiday in the next 12 months you will pay a deposit to a travel agent and book a "package deal" By Using Worldventures you use the initial joining fee as your deposit and you can choose your dreamtrip organised but the company or tailor make your own as and when you feel you can go when and where you want at any time and take advantage of the many trips and other benefits available. not to mention the concierge, the car hire rates, the cruises,day trips, restaurant deals, online cash back shopping mall, soon to be released social media interactive mobile app and much much more to come.... You can also have access to the booking engine which guarantees you the cheapest price or 150% of the difference back! its a win win situation the worst that will happen is you have a great holiday then cancel your membership - the best is that you have lots of amazing trips and have a successful business out of it. This is NOT a get rich fast scheme and you will have to learn the product in order to make the most of it and your returns will be reflected by your effort but it is a great deal and i just wish i had found it sooner. These claims do work and they are honored I know, I have and will continue to use them for many many more trips come and join us.....You Should Be Here.....Satisfied Customer I am happy to help if you want to join
  • Hello, I am an a Rep of worldventures and all I can tell is wow, this company is awesome, true snd legit. If you want to make money or/and travel, let me know, and I will help you fulfill your dream.
    • What is the blueprint for really making money as a rep? Is it possible to create royalties from World Ventures or is this simply a way to create vacations for me throughout the rest of my life?
  • I find it funny that people still throw around the term "pyramid scheme". Educate yourselves people!!! I am a licensed life insurance agent...INSURANCE THE ORIGINAL NETWORK MARKETING OPPORTUNITY!!! One day long ago, someone had a stroke of genius!!! He/she thought to themselves, "Why don't we take what the insurance guys do, and apply it to other products and services???" Every MLM out there is a variation of what we have been doing in the insurance industry for decades!!! I am all for "true" network marketing opportunities!!! During my freshman year of college, many many years ago...My Intro to Business professor asked us a simple question. He asked the class, "What business model offers a new business owner the "ideal" opportunity???" After numerous guesses from the class, he smiled and said, "Network Marketing is the correct answer!!! Network Marketing offers a new business person the "ideal setup because, 1) It offers a LOW START UP COST compared to traditional Brick and Mortar businesses 2) Typically has a LOW OVERHEAD COST compared to traditional businesses, and 3) Offers a HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL!!!" This came from a man who had been the CEO of a Fortune 200 company!!! I am posting this because I have recently looked into starting a MLM travel business, and I like what I see from WV/Dream Trips/Vacation Sooner. And believe me folks, I NEVER INVEST IN ANYTHING WITHOUT DOING MY DUE DILIGENCE!!! Truth be told, most times a MLM company runs into serious problems, it's often because of bad business practices that become wide spread among the reps people in the field, not necessarily the company itself!!! Not to say that there haven't been incidents where the actually company was the problem!!! But from my research I am confident about investing my money in this venture!!!

    Word of advice to all my Network Marketers...NEVER ARGUE WITH A FOOL, PEOPLE FROM A DISTANCE CAN'T TELL WHO'S WHO!!!!
  • I have two questions. It's simple. It's not difficult to answer. This question will probably make-it or break-it for many. Can you opt out after joining? If so, will it require vasts amounts of paper work and months of processing?
    • Yes you can opt out and it only requires an email. Full money back guarantee if within the first 14 days. I don't know why you would though. The trips are VERY well priced and if you are some kind of cheap trip finding magician and can find the same trip cheaper they will still send you on the trip and give you your money back. Your trip savings account takes even more money off of the already cheap trip and if you Sell the membership and/or tell people about it and they sign up you get even more points for free to use as your savings. That feature alone explains why you can't completely pay for your trip with points.. There are so many ways to get free point the club wouldn't be profitable if there wasn't a cash purchase portion.
  • My boyfriend just introduced this idea to me and although he seemed like his mind was already made up wayyyyyy before he even told me about it, i am still having a hard time believing that this business venture is indeed legit. Don't get me wrong, i have spent almost 2 hours carefully examining all of the testimonial provided and i have literally STUDIED the video on the webpage, but i'm still not quite sure on this whole idea! Maybe its because i don't like my hard earned money, that i actually worked my behind off for, being played with or the scare of me investing my hard earned money into something and me not actually being satisfied with the product of what my money was spent on, or maybe both! i need more information and legit information. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Vacations are a must for us but the right way and cheapest way
    • Don't know a lot about this company/club/whatever, (just heard about it) but anything that elicits criticism backed up by the oxymoronic phrase "legit Fox News story" can't be all bad...
    • What do you mean by "it does take trading"

      Shut up Happy Rep here's a legit Fox News story on your BS Company!
    • Your boyfriend is smart to invest in these trips and this amazing company. They have changed our lives. I have made over $600 in the past two weeks. This is legit, but recognize it isn't a get rich quick venture. It does take trading - HIGHLY ENCOYRAGED! - but the vacations are real, the money making is real if you put in the time and effort. It takes 10 hours to be full time, 4 hours for part time. I have been on two dream trips and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!
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