Valued Opinions Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Valued is another paid survey website run by parent company Research Now Ltd.  Once you sign up for Valued Opinions, you will begin to receive survey emails, with each survey estimated to take anywhere between 15-20 minutes to complete, and monetary compensation ranging anywhere from $1-$5 per typical survey.

Valued Opinions will also send you something called “Hot Topics” surveys.  These are not paid surveys – instead they are simple questions Valued Opinions needs you to answer to determine whether or not you qualify for upcoming surveys.  These should not take up much of your time, but again, they are not paid.

Now, while Valued Opinions does assign monetary value to each survey, they don’t actually pay you in currency.  Instead, they have a rewards system where once you have acquired $20 in value, you can redeem that for a voucher.  Depending on where you live – Valued Opinions is a multi-national company – your options for vouchers will be different, but US customers report being able to redeem their rewards for Amazon gift cards, amongst others.

You can receive your vouchers in two ways.  One, you may request them to be sent to your home.  If you do this, it takes up to 28 days for delivery. Or, you may request an e-voucher, in which case you will be emailed your voucher almost immediately.

So is Valued Opinions a Scam?

Remember, paid survey companies are not a recommended way to make a living from home, but they can be good to make extra money each month.  As long as a survey company honors it’s payouts and does not require any fees to participate, it is not considered a scam.

Valued Opinions requires no fees to sign up or to retain membership, and customers report receiving their vouchers in decent time frames and being able to redeem them no problem.

Some customers do make claims of being frustrated by how often they are disqualified from surveys, but this is a common problem with all paid survey companies.  Unfortunately, at this time it does not appear that Valued Opinions gives points for trying to complete a survey, which some companies do offer.

But remember, if you’re trying to make money taking surveys, always sign up for more than one company so you’re assured of receiving enough survey invitations to actually make money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Valued Opinions " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • Once upon a time Valuedopinions was a good panel. I always got paid. Then Dynata took over this panel and e-Rewards. I too received emails for both panels stating I wasn’t honest and that I had more than one account and because of that, my account was flagged and suspended. I’ve already contacted and suggest anyone who reads this do the same. I also contacted the local Attorney General in Texas where Dynata is located and filed a complaint. If we can get some government agencies to intervene, we may see our money!
  • Do Not use is a scam to waste your time. Totally cannot be trusted, worse survey web i ever Had. Do not believed all are fake don't waste your time.
  • DON'T TRUST VALUED OPINIONS ONLINE no matter what country you're in!!

    I completed my first set of surveys to the total of $20 and filled out the application along with my address details. I have 2 weeks and I sent an email asking what was happening with the voucher and why I hadn't received it yet. They sent one email back saying that my voucher was processed and had been sent off. I then waited another 5 days for the voucher but still nothing. I emailed them once again, and could you believe it they replied saying the previous email they sent me was an error in their system, and that they needed my address to send it off!! Talk about excuses grr! So I then told them I had already sent off my delivery address with the order, but sent it through again anyway. They then emailed me back saying "Your voucher is now being processed, please allow up to 28 days for delivery". 28 DAYS! Are you kiddding me? the amount of money they rip off people with is appalling, now I wouldn't be so angry about this if the voucher wasn't planned for my sons christmas present, but I guess now he has to wait :( And I probably won't even get it thanks to their STUFF UPS!!!
  • I used to be happy with Valued Opinions- but now I find them to be very annoying and practically a scam- asking lots of questions and then not qualifying, rewards taking forever to be credited, and knowing you have completed a survey and still not getting credited... As soon as I reach $20, I am redeeming and cancelling!!!
  • I have been doing surveys with these guys for a while now and wonder why I wasted so much time.. close to half of the surveys you complete with them .. you will never see a reward for. recently I had five pending credits in a row that disappeared($9) a complete waste of a couple hours. could you imagine the money they are making off of people by doing this. not to mention the money they are already making... when you do get lucky and are credited a reward for a survey it takes about a month or so.. and after that the only worth while thing you can spend it on is an amazon gift card but thats after you rake in $20.. be prepared to take about 8-9 hours of your time with surveys to get it to
  • They used to pay immediately but now my visa voucher has not been e-mailed for over two weeks. Cannot talk to anyone on the phone and do not answer my repeated e-mails.except for general comment that they received my complaint.
    • I am calling them because I can no longer log into the site. They owe me $205.00 and when I tried to redeem they now want a application to be filled for every $30.00 Visa card they pay you with. What a bunch of B.S.! I removed and now block all cookies, nothing but spyware. They have turned into scum!
  • I think they are pretty close to being scammers. Just because you don't pay to join, does not mean that it is not a scam.

    Like many other other survey places, they don't pay you if you don't qualify. The difference is that with this British Company they will ask you as many as 20 very probing questions before deciding you don't qualify. Really?!!! I contend they get free answers from you to use and pretend that you don't qualify so as not to pay you. I have had enough. As soon as I earn enough to get my $20 whatever, I am gone. I have been with them a long time and have made next to nothing. They are USERS and dare i say SCAMMERS. I have emailed them over and over about the problem, they usually don't answer. This is not worth the time nor frustration.
  • After being with them for a long time and getting my reward vouchers. It has recently become harder and harder to get the voucher that is owed to you. I've called, I've emailed. I get no response. No voucher. Now they have blocked me from taking surveys. They send them to me but it says I have already participated on new surveys they just sent. They don't like paying out the vouchers on a regular basis. They only want people who earn a voucher or two a year. Even then good luck getting it.
  • Not only do you have to continually email them for your reward certificate but they are rude about it. Saying "here it is again"....when you didn't get it the first time.
  • While I end up getting a lot of certificates for participating, I have to harass them for my reward. It used to be the moment you hit the required amount you would automatically get your certificate. Now they say you have to wait ten days and you get it by email. I let over 10 days go by and never get it. I have to harass them until I do. So it is a hassle. They say they changed things for security purposes. I never had anyone steal my certificate once it was awarded on their site. This new way of doing things is awful.
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