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Varolo is a recently launched website that pays people for viewing advertisements. Varolo asks their customers to fill out a profile, which they will use to bring you relevant, television commercial styled advertisements.

While most websites that pay you to view ads are considered pay to click sites, Varolo is different. Instead of compensating you for viewing the ads, clicking on anything, or participating in trial offers, Varolo will actually enter you in a drawing to win money. For every ad you view in a week, you will be entered into that week’s drawing.

However, the main way that Varolo compensates its users is by the “Varolo Village.” Each Varolo member refers users to the site, and when they sign up, they become a part of your Varolo Village. Every person they refer to the site becomes part of the Village, and so on, four levels deep.

The Village then earns a collective sum of money for all the ads they are viewing. Your earnings will be determined by your personal amount of participation. The Varolo status bar will tell you how much money your Village has earned, and how much of that is allotted to you.

The Problem

Is Varolo legit? The answer appears to be yes. Is Varolo a good site to use for earning money? That question depends heavily on you.

The main issue with Varolo is their compensation plan. There is no way for a user to be directly compensated for their efforts. You can either win money completely randomly in their weekly drawing (and there is no set pot – it changes all the time) or you earn money based on the collective efforts of an MLM style downline.

The problem with this set up is that building an active, stable, and productive downline is hands down the most difficult part of any MLM business. Undoubtedly Varolo and their users are hoping that the act of watching TV style commercials is so simple and easy, people will just do it every day. Unfortunately, there isn’t even a straight answer of how much the Village is paid for each individual ad that is watched.

This uncertainty brings us to another issue, which is the payout level at $20. This isn’t an astronomical payout level; there are companies with higher payout levels. Unfortunately, though, since you have no idea how much you earn for each viewed ad, or how much earning the rest of your Village will be doing, it’s hard to estimate how long it will take you to reach that level. This means you could work long and hard and still have serious difficulty being able to actually receive the money you’ve earned.

With so much confusion and dependence on others, many people might just find it easier to head to another pay to click site or market research site in order to make money. Varolo has only recently launched after having been in Beta for the better part of last year and beginning of this year. Usually you would hope these concerns would have been addressed during that time period, but there is no rule saying that Varolo can’t handle these issues now that they are live. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Varolo is not a scam site, you can make money with the system of Varolo. But we should wait till Varolo expands its network because its still in Beta launch and some features are working wrong and slow. And you should put some work into it and get some referrals because the bigger your village in Varolo the more money you'll get! It's not a "get rich quick" scheme but it can become a big source of your online revenue after some work.
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