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If you have worked as an office administrator, executive assistant, or feel like you have the necessary skills to provide quality office support then becoming a virtual assistant may be for you. Using virtual assistants is a growing trend among entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even larger companies.

With a virtual assistant businesses save money by outsourcing labor to hourly home based employees. This allows them to delegate work more efficiently by relying on VA’s in busy times and saving money by not having a full time employee.

As a virtual assistant your home office should be equipped with the same capabilities as a standard office and you must have a reliable high-speed internet connection. You should also know how to use standard word processing and data management programs.

There are two ways that you can go about getting a job as a virtual assistant. You can use job search sites/freelance job boards to apply for available VA jobs or you can sign up with a virtual assistant staffing company and rely on them to provide you with job leads.

Either way there are plenty of opportunities for qualified individuals to provide office support from their homes.

Below you will find a list of Legitimate Virtual Assistant Jobs (Updated 2018):

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  • Converygs,Alpine,Arise and Westat are great hourly paying legit work from home jobs I know from experience
    • Great hourly paying? If $10 hr is great, and then only based on "talk time" without pay for duties necessary outside of the actual phone call with the client's customer. Hence, a 5 hour work day could net 3 hours talk time...or less.
    • Hello Hdee, I would like to know if it is hard to be a virtual assistant? Because I would like to try this kind of job. thank you. I would also like to know which is better among the 4 companies. Thanks a lot
  • I've learned a lot from this article but one of those "legitimate" virtual assistant companies,, is a joke. There is a job posted right on the front page about selling sex toys!
  • Does anyone know of a legitimate job that is online and work from home. I've been trying to look for a job online for some time now.
    • Hi Mayra

      If a job is what you need. Try, Live.ops, alpine access,, clod10,, They pay by the hour. Hope this helps.
  • I would like to know if there any of these jobs going in Saudi Arabia, where I live.

    Women are only 5% of the work force here, and most jobs I could apply for and do with my eyes closed specifically state only men can apply.

    I was an Exec Assistant to a CEO before I stopped to have my family, I loved it, and want to get back to using my brain, skills and earning some cash too!

    Can anyone tell me where I could find a V/A job here??

    • You missed the part that she took time off to raise children, so she obviously has a life and attachments to her home. Try offering productive advice. She is doing what we all are doing, trying to support herself and her family. Kudos, Bec....good luck to you. It must be difficult under those statistics.
    • try
    • J, If there are no jobs, MOVE. Its not ignorant, its a fact!
    • Hey "To," you're a jerk. Just thought you should know. Giving women advice to move from the country they live in to find work is idiocy and ignorance. Check yourself
    • Move away from there then if women can't work
  • I think being a Virtual Assistant is a great career. I was an Executive Assistant at a chain of hotels in the Caribbean, spent long exhausting hours at work then had to drive home. What are the opportunities for introducing this fairly new type of business in this region?
    • Check out - great organization that helps folks start and maintain a virtual assistant business. And when you are working alone at home, it helps to have others doing the same to chat with about joys and frustrations from time to time. When I was involved I had a great relationship with another VA in the organization who lived in Singapore. It often let me take rush jobs that she could help complete once I needed some sleep.

      I was a member at the inception of the organization many years ago, but got a position with a political campaign (tech work online) and then another and let my own VA business fall to the side. As I live alone in a very rural environment, I eventually found I needed an outside job for a while to interact more with other people. So for my own mental health, I now work for an equine program helping kids with mental health issues. :) Still, I loved working as a virtual assistant and loved having the support of at the time, so thought I would share that info. Figure I will go back to it in a few years when I 'retire." Being a VA is actually running your own business for the most part, so they are there to help with website and marketing ideas, emotional support, etc. - Just like any organization for any profession.

      Hope this helps someone.
    • So how do i get a job i can do in home after my school help please.
  • what is somebody supposed to do if they have no skills yet? and they can't afford school? curl up and die?
    • There are all kinds of listings online for free training and education from home. Do a search for "learn from home" "learn online" "training online" etc. Qualified established schools offer online courses.
    • Karly: Please don't take this as condescending, but have you read any of the suggestions posted here? I know it seems daunting at times to have to actually study some of the material and learn how to do something. You will benefit from all the gained knowledge! It takes an effort on your part to find the jobs that will suit you and your particular knowledge. Don't be discouraged before you even give one of the opportunities and chance. Find something that you think will interest you. See what skills you need to do the job. Study these skill sets, either online or through your local community collage. If you need software to learn the skills, get a student discounted copy or use free software downloaded online (that's what I do!). Please just don't give up before you give yourself a chance. You can do this if you work at it, and isn't that what you are looking for, a job?
  • It is the same old story people out there with all the heart and desire and would be excellent employees`s but no company wants to take the time, or effort to train them. I believe a lot of businesses lose out on someone who would benefit their company because of this narrow-minded attitude. I have a masters in business administration in accounting and finance but no hands on experience as of yet except what I do for my husbands company and have been looking for employment for almost 2 years.
    • students are finding out that the career path they spent tens's of thousands of dollars on, are not available, or don't pay off enough to pay student loans. I have told my kids to put off college for a couple of years and work in the school of hard knocks. Real life experience is better training for finding the source of studies needed for a profitable job. I know few people that ended up working in their chosen career path when they started school at 18. Who knows what the world is like at that age.

      Special note to won't fall in your lap. Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb over night. It took him over 1000 attempts and then the light only lasted a few hours. He never looked as his work as failure...the looked at them as opportunities to improve the next time. Reading your response sounds like you are not ready for the responsibilities of work. You may need to start at the bottom and work your way up. Many successful people have started that way. I wish I had my youth back with the wisdom of the ages.

      "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better."

      ~ Samuel Beckett
    • I hear you!! After graduating from college with a degree in computer programming (3.9 gpa), I could not find a job because I didn't have any experience. Apparently, the 22 years I spent as an executive secretary/executive assistant didn't mean a thing and neither did the 150+ programs I wrote in college. I finally spent the big bucks and had a resume professionally done, in hopes this would bring me more interviews. Still no luck. You're right -- the people who do the hiring are missing out on some really great employees!
    • After i read your comment , i got totally hopeless
  • Do you guys know if there are UK companies that offer similar jobs? Many thanks
  • what sort of office equipment do I need? I have a computer with good high speed internet. I have a printer but have no money for ink. Would I need a headset?
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