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If you have worked as an office administrator, executive assistant, or feel like you have the necessary skills to provide quality office support then becoming a virtual assistant may be for you. Using virtual assistants is a growing trend among entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even larger companies.

With a virtual assistant businesses save money by outsourcing labor to hourly home based employees. This allows them to delegate work more efficiently by relying on VA’s in busy times and saving money by not having a full time employee.

As a virtual assistant your home office should be equipped with the same capabilities as a standard office and you must have a reliable high-speed internet connection. You should also know how to use standard word processing and data management programs.

There are two ways that you can go about getting a job as a virtual assistant. You can use job search sites/freelance job boards to apply for available VA jobs or you can sign up with a virtual assistant staffing company and rely on them to provide you with job leads.

Either way there are plenty of opportunities for qualified individuals to provide office support from their homes.

Below you will find a list of Legitimate Virtual Assistant Jobs (Updated 2018):

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  • Your article is off base by far! The VA industry is about having your own business, not working through a staffing agency! I don't even know of any agencies, unless you're referring to a team of VA's who subcontract. As a VA now for nearly seven years, I have grown my business as a well respected contractor, partnering with clients long term (years). For those starting out, consider joining the International Virtual Assistants Assiciation (, where you'll learn from seasoned VA's HOW to grow your business. You'll also have access to the Request for Proposal (RFP) system where prospective clients post jobs. There are many other benefits, too numerous to mention. If the writer of this article had done some research, it would had quickly become apparent staffing for jobs is the wrong direction entirely! Gretchen Walden, Business Specialist
    • Ha! I just wrote a note suggesting folks check out IVAA before scrolling down and reading yours. I was Googling info for a friend who was kind of forced into retirement and needs some extra income when I found this site and had to read the section about VAs. And then, having been an IVAA member had to comment.

      Hope folks listen to you.
    • Dear Gretchen Walden,

      Would you consider taking me under your wing and mentoring me and teaching me these skills to be a good VA person? I am in a wheelchair and a lot of people won't hire me, even though I am intellectually sound. I love being on the phone, and typing, I just am not sure what to do in this job. Thank you for reading this and possibly helping me. Elizabeth Haskell huggles777 @ yahoo .com
    • I disagree with you both, I think for people who want to do this kind of work, but don't want to stress about finding clients, those who need work today and who can't afford to wait until they have grown a client base would benefit from using an agency to find VA work. They do have to be willing to get less pay because they are using a broker to find them the work, but this is a valid way to become a VA. Just because your experience is different doesn't invalidate this way...
    • The correct link is:

      I agree with you Gretchen. I was looking into this field a few years back but since I'm not a phone person, I couldn't see myself taking in phone calls all day long at home. :) I know that's only one aspect of it but it's a big one.
  • Q: Is there any virtual assistant jobs that is available for those who don't have the skills or training in those fields?
    • For crying out aloud...everyone has skills and experiences that are useful in the work environment. Even you have been a stay at home Mum for a number of years, you can still prioritise your tasks, work within strick deadlines, delegate duties, and juggle multiple and sometimes conflicting priorities!

      Just becuase someone has said that you don't have a 'job' doesn't mean you don't have worthwhile skills and abilities that you can bring to the workplace. It's called 'life skills'

      As for being a virtual assistant - the main think is being organised and organising others. I have been a Executive PA for 15 years and that has always been the main thing!

      Can you herd cats?! Then you too can be a PA!!
    • I'm just a bit confused about a VA job.... is it an employed or self employed job?... or you can do them both which is either you want tobe?.. and can i ask anyone if this job can be done as a partime job?.. i just want to try it first before i leave my job, as i can't afford to loosed an income if this VA jobs doesnt gives enough money if i do it as a fulltime.... thanks!!!..
    • Susha, thats just silly. Its unfortunately very true, but Essa has the right of it. Its a catch-22. You need the skill to get the job, but you need the job to get the skills.

      You could always say "Well.. go to a school or something to learn them." to which a realist would reply : Not everyone is so fortunate as to come from a background where going to a school after the standard k-12 run is available, financially viable, or in some cases, even possible.

      I agree with Essa, bring back the apprenticeship systems. You take on a student, pay him a small wage, teach him your craft, and wish him well when he sets out to do it on his own. Best way to go.
    • Susha, if every company looks to hire only those with experience in their field, then eventually, a generation of people who have no skills will be in charge, because no one was willing to hire them and teach them the skills. One major problem with today's job market. An employer should be willing to train. That is why the apprenticeship worked so well. Every generation knew every trade. We as a nation have really become an idiocracy; and we're only going down. It's disappointing, especially when we've done it to ourselves; to our younger generations; and especially when the solutions are so clear.
    • Jenise, if you don't have the skills required, why would anyone employ you? Look for a job for which you already have the skills.
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