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Vivatic Surveys, found online at, is a company that offers people access to a variety of flexible freelance jobs, which includes the ability to get paid for taking surveys, writing articles, and writing reviews, among others.

Signing up for access to their online opportunities is completely free, as long as you are more than 16 years of age and are willing to have limited access to jobs. Full access is available to anyone at least 18 years of age.

How Does It Work?

Vivatic Surveys provides a long list of options people have for earning money using their website. The most popular is their online survey option, but they also provide the ability to write articles, answer questions, write reviews, research product information, provide data entry services, and even more.

How much money you earn completing these various assignments has everything to do with what project you are working and the length of time it is estimated you will need to complete the job. states that their jobs can take as little as a few seconds to complete, and therefore only pay “a few pence,” or jobs can take a few hours to complete and can pay up to $20.00.

Is It Legit?

Every potential job opportunity listed on their website is a real way of earning money from home, from all the market research projects to the microjobs projects to the longer, more detailed writing projects. It’s just not very common to find access to all these different kinds of jobs in one place.

There are not any really significant red flags about this company that should clearly warn people away. Unfortunately this company is still so new, there are hardly any customer or member reviews available at this time, and those that are available all appear to mention that they have not yet been able to reach their first payment day.

Their payment schedule clearly states that any money earned during one month, ie October, will be paid on the last working day of the next month, in this case November, as long as you have earned and are withdrawing at least $20.00.

With surveys and microjobs, it can take some time to reach payment levels of at least $20.00, since they can pay so little, but this is still a standard payout level that does not sound warning bells.

If you are interested in trying this company’s earnings opportunities, it is always a good idea to stick with the options that are completely free and do not require you to participate in any product or service trials, which can end up costing more money than they pay.

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  • I don't recommend this panel because it doesn't pay you in time. Firstly, you need to collect £20 to be paid out, you collect and wait for your money then receive email the accurate date you will be paid off. On the payment date you visit your account and see that a part of money were stolen ( as they claim it's because of system disturbance some of surveys made a double/triple £££ into my account - who cares?) and you can't be paid out. All you can is to review more and then claim your money when you reach £20. And you need to wait 1 month to get them.Too long for me , sorry 2 months is ridicolous

    • Same thing happened to me. A week ago, I did a survey and got credited triple (was suppose to be 0.85). It pushed me into the cash out requirement range so I immediately cashed out. I checked today and it says my balance is negative. And they withdrew my request. I did another survey for 0.45, and it credited me double. The same thing will probably happen again if I cash out. Site is completely unstable.
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