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The VOGenesis Program, found online at VOGenesis.com, is a new money making opportunity created by Jenny Lewis who promises that people will be able to earn hundreds of dollars a day.

The website says that even though many people have lost money on work at home opportunities before, this is a completely different opportunity that most people have never even heard of before.

Though this program claims that it is worth hundreds of dollars and normally is sold for $97, Jenny Lewis says that she wants as many people as possible to take advantage of this opportunity, so she has currently priced it at $39.95.

How Does the VOGenesis Program Work?

The “VO” in VOGenesis stands for “voiceover,” which is the work people do when they are sent an at home script or report and read it into recording software on their computer. Jenny Lewis claims that there are many, many of these jobs available which are easily done from home and which pay hundreds of dollars – even up to $1500 – for just one to two hours of work.

Customers who purchase the VOGenesis program will be taught three important things: how to get started even if you have never recorded so much as a voicemail before, where you can get high-paying jobs right away, and how to scale your initial business from part-time cash every once in a while into a full time business.

And just to prove to their customers that they are really invested in their success, the VOGensis website says that they will give a full refund to any unhappy customers within the first 60 days of use.

The Problems

First and foremost, any company that promises they are going to give someone with zero experience a way to earn nearly $1000 per hour for the bargain price of $39.95 is just trying to take advantage of people.

It is completely possible to earn money from doing voiceover work from home, but these jobs are likely to pay a lot less than $1000 per hour; a lot less than even $100 per hour. The truth is that there are people who do professional voiceover work for a living and are cast out of talent agencies – if a company is looking for someone to do quick voiceover work from home, they probably aren’t going to pay much.

In addition, though this company acts as though they are doing their customers a great favor by offering a 60 day Refund Policy, the truth is that this product is sold through the Clickbank Digital Marketplace, which requires its products automatically have a 60 Refund Policy.

People who are interested in doing at home voiceover work should simply look online for their own jobs, or if you are interested in what this program has to say, read the Clickbank Refund Policy in advance and make sure to request a refund if you don’t feel that the materials you are given live up to what you were promised.

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