WakeUpNow Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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365-Business.com is the online home of Income Webinars, a series of online seminars which inform people about WakeUpNow, a multi-level marketing independent business opportunity.

WakeUpNow says they can help people learn how to make recurring income without selling anything, starting with giving you the chance to earn $600 in 30 days and then how to grow that into a six figure income.

In addition, their program will not only help you earn money, but they promise it will also give you a way to save money on products, items, and investments on which you already spend your money.

How It Works

WakeUpNow is actually the parent organization of many different members’ only websites and programs. They offer the WakeUpNow Marketplace, the Vacation Club, and TaxBot.

Each of these programs promises their members can save up to 80% when shopping online, booking travel arrangements, and doing their yearly taxes, and all you have to do is pay a one time fee based on the program you are interested in.

People who would like to turn their memberships into an independent business opportunity (IBO) can do so by paying a monthly subscription fee of $99.95 per month, and as long as they pay their subscription, they will be eligible to earn commissions on all other memberships they register.

What to Know about MLMs

When deciding whether or not to take part in an MLM you must first investigate their products and make sure that they are worthwhile and trustworthy – products you won’t mind representing.

If you like their shopping portal, vacation club, and tax program and feel comfortable promoting them to friends, family, and other customers, the next thing you must do is look over their compensation plan.

Unlike many other network marketing opportunities, WakeUpNow actually provides a brochure on their website which gives an overview of their entire compensation plan before you sign up to be a representative.

WakeUpNow also says that they make no earnings guarantees – all income you earn will be directly determined by your personal skills and effort, so make sure you are fully informed before taking on any business opportunity.

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