Wall Street Exposed Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Wall Street Exposed is a new website promoting “free” and “secret” software that will help anyone make trades online which they say can easily result in profits of up to 91% per trade.

According to the presentation video, making money from traditional trading takes lots of research and a huge learning curve, during which time you may lose a lot of money. But Wall Street Exposed eliminates the learning curve by giving you trading software.

The website goes out of its way to emphasize that while most methods of making online say that you need to spend money to make money, this particular software is free for you to use for 90 days, with no obligation to purchase later.

The System

Instead of traditional trading, this software is intended to help users trade in “binary options.” With these options, you don’t pick a stock and invest money in it over a period of time.

Rather, you choose a stock and then decide whether that stock will move up or down in a very short window – anywhere from ten minutes to thirty minutes. If you’re right, you can get a return of up to 91%. If you’re wrong, you’ll lose your investment.

But unlike traditional investing, which often requires very large monetary investments which have room to fluctuate over time before making big returns, binary option trading can be done on a small scale, so you won’t need to feel overextended on your investments.

The Problem

“Binary option trading” is not really investing – it’s not even really a method of trading. Just a few weeks ago the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a warning telling people to stay away from internet companies promoting the trade of binary options.

The reality is that binary option trading is actually just betting. You are not making informed investments based on actual company performance; you’re just making a guess as to whether or not a stock may move a fraction of point in the next few minutes.

In addition, the SEC says that many of these internet based binary option trading platforms are not properly registered or regulated, making them illegal.

And while people may be willing to risk illegal gambling to make a couple bucks, you should know that when dealing with those types of companies there is no legal recourse if they suddenly shut down, taking your money with them.

Customers who are still interested in binary option trading should investigate whether or not any SEC sanctioned trading companies have opportunities for small investors, rather than taking risks with online companies promoting “secret software.”

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