Wall Street Focus Group Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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The Wall Street Focus Group, found online at WallStreetFocusGroup.com, claims that they are a group of “real financial gurus from Wall Street” who want to help people earn between $381 and $796 per day with online trading.

To do this, their company has created online trading software which claims to be able to help people with little to no experience make money with trading in the binary options market.

Unfortunately, this company is looking for a focus group to use their software completely for free, but their website says that they will only accept a certain number of people to participate in this group and to receive their free software.

What to Know About Wall Street Focus Group

Their website appears to have conflicts with the number of people they want in the focus group, with some areas of the website saying they are looking for 100 people and others saying that they are looking for 75 people.

Regardless of the number, the website says that they are looking for people to provide them with data and feedback regarding their software, and members will be required to provide them with feedback on a daily basis.

Their website also states, however, that binary options is an incredibly volatile market and that anyone who takes place in this focus group should know that they are being asked to trade in “highly speculative investments which involve a significant risk of loss.”

The Red Flags

One of the biggest red flags is the lack of information this website is willing to provide their customers – they are relying on the invitation to use their software for free and the prospect of potentially earning money to be enough to get their new members to sign up, with little to no additional information.

But what customers must understand about this “focus group” is that they are asking people to invest with their own money. So while you might earn money, you could also easily lose your own money while participating in this “study.”

In addition, it’s worth noting that this software is probably just another trading bot that will make investments on your behalf and has very little chance of actually earning their users notable amounts of money. There are hundreds of different kinds of these bots all over the internet, and they are well known to be ineffective at making money.

The bottom line is that customers should really just avoid this company.

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