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Web Fortune Vault, found online at WebFortuneVault.com, is a website that targets people who are looking to “replace” their current job and tells them that they can “point and click” their way to an income.

Like most other work at home training programs available online today, like Web Fortune Master or Web Profits from Home, the opportunity being presented by Web Fortune Value is link posting, a form of affiliate marketing.

To get full access to the videos and tools this website is offering, they claim all you need to do is pay a one time fee of $97.00.

Problem #1

According to this website, all you need to do to earn money in this industry is watch the training videos from Home Income Kit, login to your account, choose an ad, place the ad, and then you will get paid.

Web Fortune Vault’s description of link posting is at best misleading and at worst deceitful. Saying that all you need to do to run this independent business is choose an ad, place it, and get paid is like describing opening a restaurant as buy food, cook it, and get paid.

This means say that in the absolute simplest terms, Web Fortune Vault isn’t inaccurate in their description of link posting, but they are leaving out so much information that it is unfair to their potential customers.

Problem #2

The other problem is that Home Income Kit – the company whose training videos and tools you’re actually purchasing – is not a new company. They have been around for awhile, simply being sold by different spokespeople on different websites.

This is a problem because changing the face of the company is often a sign that your company is having problems. Most likely they have gotten a bad reputation online from unhappy customers, and now they are rebranding the same information and tools under a new name.

Before you invest money into any online training program whatsoever, you’ll want to do extensive research on that specific company. But more importantly, you should actually research link posting and affiliate marketing from other free, reliable sources online so that you have the ability to evaluate whether or not a paid product is worth your money.

The truth is that affiliate marketing is an established and well known industry at this point and it should be easy to find reputable websites that will provide you with the knowledge you need to at least determine whether or not this is the right industry for you.

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  • Dont believe this site or any other site that pose as a work at home advance. It is all a scam as well as a money fraud to you. If you have any problems report them to your bank as soon as possible. This setup is the same as Web Fortune Master, and Online Income Soloutions! I bid u dont use them site's for they are all fraud/scamms.
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