Web Profits from Home Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Web Profits from Home, found online at HomeWebProfit.com, is a work from home opportunity from spokeswoman Anne Williams which promises that for just a one time payment of $97, anyone can earn a living from home.

According to the website, the story of Anne Williams is that she was killing herself to make ends meet, working multiple jobs as a single mother when she met someone who was making money by posting links online.

This person taught her how to work just 1 – 4 hours each day, making enough money from home to pay all of her bills, take vacations, and just generally live the life of her dreams.

Sound Familiar?

The story of Anne Williams is also the story of Jessica Bradley, who reps Web Fortune Master, as well as the story of Megan Jackson from Profit at Home, and the story of Ella Nelson from Online Income Access, and – well. The list goes on and on.

In the world of at home business opportunities, the young, down on her luck single mother is the favorite story of success that people use to sell their business opportunity. Because if she can do it, then we all can!

Unfortunately, the reality is that these are all just stories, which a small disclaimer at the bottom of the page will tell you is meant to be “representative” of “what is possible.” The sales page of a website is just that – a sales tactic, intended to get you to buy something. And there is no rule saying they have to tell you the whole truth.

Is Web Profits from Home For Real?

Reviewopedia has an extremely long history of reviewing link posting opportunities exactly like this one. Essentially this is a training program that explains how affiliate marketing works, and there are people who find these types of training programs helpful.

However, the majority of people feel as though most of the information offered through these programs can be found elsewhere online, and without the hassle of constantly trying to be sold new products and upgrades.

If you are still interested in purchasing these types of training programs, there is usually one major difference between programs: the refund policy.

If you can find a program that is located in the United States and has a clear refund policy outlined in detail in their Terms & Conditions – or better yet is sold through a third party payment processor like Clickbank – then that is a much better purchase to risk than a company located outside of the US or one which either has no refund policy or a policy with complicated or vague details.

And always make online purchases with a major credit card. A credit card company will work hard to get your money back if you feel you were overcharged or unfairly denied a refund – if you use a debit card, there isn’t much recourse.

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