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WeeklyMarks.com is a website currently promoting the story of a woman named Mary Stevens, who claims to have struggled for a long time with finances and an unproductive job search.

But eventually she found a job opportunity that changed her life and it made possible for her to make large amounts of money, working from home. It was a program that she could download within just minutes of purchase, and was making a full time, livable income within a little over a month.

To get more information regarding the opportunity, you just follow the links provided by WeeklyMarks.com to the homepage of the opportunity.

The Claims vs The Reality

Like almost all other work from home job opportunities, WeeklyMarks.com describes this job – posting links from home – as easy, affordable, reliable, and extremely lucrative. In fact they say it’s reasonable to expect $7000 to $8000 each month.

Within the article, this opportunity is described as “reliable income,” and the readers are specifically told that it is not a “get rich quick scheme.”

Actually, posting links online isn’t a “get rich quick scheme,” because it generally takes a long time to establish a successful affiliate marketing business which will pay you the kind of money being quoted in this article. So while there are wealthy affiliate marketers, it takes time and effort to get there.

And as far as it being a “reliable income,” that’s not an accurate statement. Independent business opportunities never provide reliable income – there are far too many factors that dictate whether or not your business will make money.

The Red Flag

But the worst part of WeeklyMarks.com is that they are a fake news site – a type of controversial advertorial that is intended to appear like a third party objective news source covering a business opportunity, when actually it is a paid advertisement that gets commissions when its links result in sales for the opportunity it is promoting.

Fake news sites have been in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission due to unethical advertising practices, since they work so hard to appear as though they are a trustworthy unbiased source instead of an ad.

Companies who use fake news sites are usually thought of as scams, even though they try to explain this type of advertisement as being out of their control – something used by their affiliates they have no say over.

In the end, it is always incredibly important that you do the necessary independent research to determine whether a business option is right for you – never take the word of a sales page.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " WeeklyMarks.com " is 1.33 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • weeklymarks.com phone number and physical address is George Chevrolet in Los Angeles?

    Called and confirmed the phone number on the website is a car dealership.

    I guess the scam is obtaining contact info from the website form and getting people to pay/sign up for their program.
  • [email protected]

    Please send me ONLY legit home business websites. I am searching with not a lot of free time to put into it. I will give you a great review. Thanks so much!!! Thanks Beth!
  • Every work at home opportunity is a scam even when it says free no charge to start. At the end some with save 47 off original price. Don't waste your time with any of them.
  • They are driving me crazy, and bombarding me with phone calls daily!!!!! Bad outfit!!!
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