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Weiss Research, at www.WeissInc.com, is a financial newsletter publisher that provides research and analysis to their members, so they can make independent decisions about their investment opportunities.

Weiss Research, founded by consumer advocate and financial author Martin Weiss, was founded in 1971 and currently has over 500,000 active readers, making it one of the most widely read investment newsletters available.

What Weiss Research Offers

Weiss Research has five different divisions they offer their members, each providing a different service useful to independent investors. It provides two free newsletters, Money and Markets and Uncommon Wisdom.

WeissInc.com claims that Money and Markets contains unbiased daily market commentary, while Uncommon Wisdom provides daily email updates on growing your wealth and profit opportunities.

The remaining three divisions offer a variety of specific features. The Weiss Money Network provides internet television programs which offer financial and investment advice.

Weiss Ratings offers accurate ratings of businesses and other investment institutions, while their Weiss Watchdog feature will send you email alerts concerning the change of ratings on ten different companies you choose to monitor.

The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, financial newsletter publishing companies can be dangerous things. They tend to offer personal opinions as guidance for investors, and they have no legal responsibility to you if you follow their advice and things turn out badly.

It’s very troubling that many of these companies let people with no real financial experience or training contribute to their newsletters. In the worst case scenario, many of these companies are paid to bring investors to certain companies.

Weiss Research, however, does not accept payment from any company for their ratings or reviews. Still, they are currently using a “Financial Doomsday” video at www.Crisis3.com to market themselves to new customers, which is a questionable tactic.

The bottom line when dealing with any financial newsletter publishing company is to remember that you should do your own research regarding where and how to invest your money – never act wholly on the advice of one of these free internet newsletters.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Weiss Ratings " is 1.52 out of 5 based on 133 reviews.
  • Weiss Research is the greatest scam online. They consist of a group of

    so called experts who will grab your money and run.

    How they all stay out of jail is a mystery to me
  • I want to get my $2500 back. I was told there in the small print first user no money back.
  • I subscribed to Weiss Ratings initially. Several of the A+ ratings have done abysmally but I took that in stride. However, I now cross reference them with any other ratings I can get my hand on before proceeding with a stock.

    Do NOT get sucked into their Weekend Windfalls or other high priced trading subscriptions. The videos show easy "quick click" method of trading and promise "step-by-step" instructions (which never came) and neglect to tell you the extremely high cost to make that $1000 per week. You need 100's of thousands to do the trades on sufficient contracts to make that kind of income and it's still very high risk. The first trade that came out wasn't just the sell put option advertised. It included a second Buy leg and for a beginning trader was way over the simple, clear and clean trade promoted in Weekend Windfalls. Same old adage: If it's too good to be true, it probably is!' Don't buy! And good luck getting your money back!
  • Weiss spins a good yarn so I took the $59.00 deal. I had some problems with setting up a password. The next day I try to access the ratings info and it states I have the wrong password. It is a poor system if you have to set a new password each time. Really frustrating. Makes me think it is a SCAM.
  • Having been in the investment business for 40 years, i am quite familiar with Weiss. I never trusted him then and more so now. Customer service is practically non-existent, and Martin sits there in his palatial Palm Beach home, paid for by subscibers to his garbage. I am suspect that he has a large position on gold, thus reason for scare tactics---to get us to shore up the price for him.
  • It took me about one minute of listening to "The Next Phase of 2020 Collapse" to start wondering if it was a scam.

    The first hint was that it's one of those never-ending videos. When I tried to backtrack this video to hear something again, I found no way to do this. There was no way to move it forward.

    The next thing some scammers do is start making threats. Just listening to his tone made me feel like he's evil. He's strangely calm and says, "I don't want to scare you...."

    Even if we're headed for another drop in the markets like what we just saw happen, I would recommend finding more than one source of guidance.

    An above post states, "people were paying 5-7K for his advice..." and there are also posters who said they were not able to log in.

    It might be less expensive to keep an eye on the news reports to figure out what might happen to your stocks. There are free sources of information you can tap into and I would recommend trying them all and then decide which one you like and trust.
    • Thank you sue. I nearly got sucked in, too. Which are the free sources you are referring to? I'd like to know more.
    • Thank you Sue. I nearly got sucked in. Something told me to do some research on him and his firm. I'm glad I did.
  • THis guy was recommending shorting Amazon back inthe early 2000's. No barrier to entry, and up starts would crush Amazon. Good call ..... People were paying 5-7K for his advice. You may find him credible, I do not.
  • I have only been involved with Weiss Rating for a short time but it is virtually impossible to talk to customer service. My calls were not answered & I was forced to listen to "elevator" music for 10 minutes. Customer service is very important to me so I will be canceling my subscription (hopefully) by email.
  • Thanks for the 411! Good folks such like you all help people like me who check out reviews before I purchase anything on the web especially through click baits. The worst investment one can make is purchasing their propaganda.
  • as phony as a $4 dollar bill...their so called investment analysts are people who failed in other endeavors..one for instance ran a realestate agency into the ground when that business was booming..got a 1 yr subscription as a gift...very surprised they are still around
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