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Weiss Research, at www.WeissInc.com, is a financial newsletter publisher that provides research and analysis to their members, so they can make independent decisions about their investment opportunities.

Weiss Research, founded by consumer advocate and financial author Martin Weiss, was founded in 1971 and currently has over 500,000 active readers, making it one of the most widely read investment newsletters available.

What Weiss Research Offers

Weiss Research has five different divisions they offer their members, each providing a different service useful to independent investors. It provides two free newsletters, Money and Markets and Uncommon Wisdom.

WeissInc.com claims that Money and Markets contains unbiased daily market commentary, while Uncommon Wisdom provides daily email updates on growing your wealth and profit opportunities.

The remaining three divisions offer a variety of specific features. The Weiss Money Network provides internet television programs which offer financial and investment advice.

Weiss Ratings offers accurate ratings of businesses and other investment institutions, while their Weiss Watchdog feature will send you email alerts concerning the change of ratings on ten different companies you choose to monitor.

The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, financial newsletter publishing companies can be dangerous things. They tend to offer personal opinions as guidance for investors, and they have no legal responsibility to you if you follow their advice and things turn out badly.

It’s very troubling that many of these companies let people with no real financial experience or training contribute to their newsletters. In the worst case scenario, many of these companies are paid to bring investors to certain companies.

Weiss Research, however, does not accept payment from any company for their ratings or reviews. Still, they are currently using a “Financial Doomsday” video at www.Crisis3.com to market themselves to new customers, which is a questionable tactic.

The bottom line when dealing with any financial newsletter publishing company is to remember that you should do your own research regarding where and how to invest your money – never act wholly on the advice of one of these free internet newsletters.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Weiss Ratings " is 1.56 out of 5 based on 109 reviews.
  • They make their money on subscriptions based on 'Fantasy and Fear'.

    Stay away Stay away Stay away.

    It is a pity that the Financial Regulators don't fine them plenty for published material that is at best mis leading and at worst fraudulent. These schemes hurt the ordinary folk.

    Buyer beware!
  • I have had the same problems as most of the other individuals have reported in their reviews. I subscribed to the Wealth Supercycle newsletter on 2/7/19 and the receipt said it would expire on 2/7/20. I wasn't particularly impressed with their information, but figured for $29 I would just let the subscription expire and not renew and be done with them. Yesterday (5/9/19) I got a charge on my credit card by the Weiss Group for $198. After that I decided to read the reviews from other people concerning the Weiss Group. After reading them I figured I was in for a hassle to get the $198 refunded. I called the Weiss Group telephone number and when I mentioned the $198 charge the woman said "Just a moment" and put me on hold. I finally gave up waiting and contacted my credit card company to dispute the $198 charge. I will see if they can get my $198 refunded. I won't ever subscribe to anything like this again without first checking the reviews for a company before subscribing, which I should have done this time. I have about decided that most financial newsletters are scams. If the people that run the newsletter are that good at picking stocks they could make more money investing than operating a newsletter.
    • Why 2 stars????
    • I checked my credit card account this morning (5/11/19). There was a credit from Weiss Group for $198 to back out the original $198 debit. I didn't expect the problem to be resolved this quickly, so thank you VISA. I doubt I would ever have gotten it resolved on my own. I learned a valuable lesson and it only cost me $29. I will be more careful in the future.
  • Bought an doctorare in antroprology?

    Why not pizza delivery? Too difficult?
  • well well, subscribed a month or so ago, no material, called many times most likely to EVA promised the material promised an e mail. NOTHING THIS MUST BE A SCAM. WILL CALL THE F. T. C BBB ETC . SEE WHAT HAPPENS. THEY HAD A GREAT PITCH THO
  • I unfortunately subscribed to The Power Elite in Dec of 2018, with the assurance that I

    could cancel anytime in the first year for a full refund. Unhappy with their results, I

    cancelled my subscription in Nov of 2018. I had many conversations over the ensuing

    months with “Eva” (probably not her real name – criminals don’t usually use their

    real names).

    At first the excuse was they were switching to a new computer program and were having

    to do the refunds manually. When I talked to her in February she told me that it might

    take “one or two monthly billing cycles” before I would get my refund.

    When I talked to her yesterday she claimed I had cancelled in January and wasn’t

    entitled to a refund. Weiss seems to be a criminal enterprise. I’m fortunate that

    they only took me for $29.
  • I invested in the ultimatum portfolio in 2015 and followed recommendations, but positive results didn’t show un same for the stock underground 10$

    their advice is poor compared to other organizations offering similar services.
  • I also lost money with this so-called investment group. When you decide to cancel anything with these folks, you can ask and ask and ask but nothing happens. Your refund requests are never processed. After canceling my subscription over 1 year ago, I am again being charged for a no good subscription. I truly believe these people are scammers
  • I joined a couple of years ago on a trial subscription but had severe doubts as to the quality of the advice and share tips, I therefor e mailed to cancel the sub. and asked for a refund. I got no response and the shares that were tipped lost money. As I got no reply I sent a couple more E Mails and also two letters by Air Mail. Again no response. I was shocked today on receiving a statement from my Credit Card company that on January 30th they had sent another $198 to Weiss. I shall be trying to reclaim this from the Card Company. I wonder if Martin Weiss's doctorate is as bogus as his company.
  • If you have been cheated by the Weiss Research Regime; played like a Stradivarius; lost a lot of money, was given a lifetime membership in Weiss Research and they took it away, please email me if you are interested in a class action lawsuit against Weiss Research please email me at [email protected] This may not be possible, but won't hurt to check it out.
  • This is bad, very bad. One year ago I subscribed to their newsletter and my VISA was charged for 59 USD, I told them, that it was the one for USD 29 I actually wanted. They refunded the 30 USD right away, at the same day. Now one year after my VISA was charged with 129 USD and I had not asked for a renewal of the subscription. I canceled the subscription and got the same message "Please allow 1 to 2 billing cycles for the credit to appear."

    What can we do to get our money back? This is a scam!!!
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