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Weiss Research, at www.WeissInc.com, is a financial newsletter publisher that provides research and analysis to their members, so they can make independent decisions about their investment opportunities.

Weiss Research, founded by consumer advocate and financial author Martin Weiss, was founded in 1971 and currently has over 500,000 active readers, making it one of the most widely read investment newsletters available.

What Weiss Research Offers

Weiss Research has five different divisions they offer their members, each providing a different service useful to independent investors. It provides two free newsletters, Money and Markets and Uncommon Wisdom.

WeissInc.com claims that Money and Markets contains unbiased daily market commentary, while Uncommon Wisdom provides daily email updates on growing your wealth and profit opportunities.

The remaining three divisions offer a variety of specific features. The Weiss Money Network provides internet television programs which offer financial and investment advice.

Weiss Ratings offers accurate ratings of businesses and other investment institutions, while their Weiss Watchdog feature will send you email alerts concerning the change of ratings on ten different companies you choose to monitor.

The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, financial newsletter publishing companies can be dangerous things. They tend to offer personal opinions as guidance for investors, and they have no legal responsibility to you if you follow their advice and things turn out badly.

It’s very troubling that many of these companies let people with no real financial experience or training contribute to their newsletters. In the worst case scenario, many of these companies are paid to bring investors to certain companies.

Weiss Research, however, does not accept payment from any company for their ratings or reviews. Still, they are currently using a “Financial Doomsday” video at www.Crisis3.com to market themselves to new customers, which is a questionable tactic.

The bottom line when dealing with any financial newsletter publishing company is to remember that you should do your own research regarding where and how to invest your money – never act wholly on the advice of one of these free internet newsletters.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Weiss Ratings " is 1.54 out of 5 based on 113 reviews.
  • I joined the Weiss 'Stock Option Trader' in Jan 2015 with a two year fee of $5,400. I canceled my membership at the end of the first year with a loss of $7,355, not including the fee. My fee was returned as promised.

    For me this service is a scam. The two traders who managed and made the recommendations were amateurish at best and way too optimistic for this type of trading. They seemed as if they were always looking for a 200% profit.

    One of their selling points was that Martin Weiss, owner of Weiss Research, was going to buy and sell options in accordance with their recommendations in his own account, so according to them, the service had to be profitable.

    I give Weiss and his two traders a BIG FAT F for their effort! A word to the wise ... don't go there .....

    Thx for the opportunity to review Weiss Research, Inc
  • About twenty years ago I bought an option based on a recommendation from

    Martin Weiss. It had something to do with the English pound and the

    Dollar. I invested $10,000.00 on his advise and within two weeks it was

    worthless. I think he's worthless also.
  • Years ago the costs were low and I found the big picture helped me avoid problems in 2000 and 2008. However, the ads are now very aggressive, costs are very high, content is minimal. I see nothing worth the $
  • Sorry to hear people are still being ripped off by these scammers. I learned the hard way 15 years ago. The truth is that they are fantastic marketers who con hard working folks to subscribe to very expensive newsletters costing up to thousands of dollars, but their experts are actual phonies who are selected only if they can hype and write well. Then they churn and burn subscribers each year because they have to continually replace all the ones who lose thousands and leave. They were hit with SEC fines and sanctions in 2006 for lying to subscribers about past performance, but they apparently keep on skirting the rules today. It's a classic money making scam that rips off people looking for advice. They just want your money and will say whatever they have to to get it.
    • Terry,

      Thanks for your comment. Did you happen to lose thousands with them? They have been pushing their Super Cycle Trader lately and candidly state that they will refund every penny within a year if the subscriber doesn't like it. Have you found this to be true or untrue?
  • Weiss can find suckers all the time.

    Really, what are their credentials.

    and since when is Florida a Mecca for traders.
    • I don't know about Florida being a Mecca for traders, but every time I meet a "pump and dump" or a scammer they seem to be domiciled somewhere near Palm Beach.
  • You need to understand that Weiss deals in media tonnage.

    They can flood the Internet with thousands and thousands of hype.

    You cannot and most financial firms merely ignore them.

    Why won't you
  • Larry Edelson and Martin Weiss are scam artists... money-grubbing low lives walking in the footsteps of convict Marty Armstrong who stole hundreds of millions from Japanese investors in his pyramid scheme. These greedy bastards should all be sent to prison!
    • Weiss and Edelson's crash of world governments beginning October 7th was just another scam to frighten naive investors into buying his timing service. Yes, there will be a crash, but not based on Edelson's dates! He's just an idiot trying to dupe investors into the fear trade. If your worried, just buy gold for insurance and don't send Weiss or Edelson any of your money. They don't know shit!
  • Followed the advice of a Stanberry predictor Steve Sj****** to buy FXI, Chinese mutual fund, Invested $20K for 400 shares, based on Steve's advice. Within 3 weeks he was sending e mails to SELL, and lost $3600.00. No more Stanberry or other investment Gurus who claim to know it all.
  • Because their information was only 'hot air' I canceled several times.

    They still sent me their publication and now charged $ 198,00.

    When I read all the negative comments its clear that they need this

    money because they lost a lot of clients?
    • They are a direct mail house. Nobody would hire them as a money manager. I know most of the writers and almost took a job there. Larry is a disgrace to the business. Thank goodness they did not hire me. So thank you, thank you , thank you. For not offering me a job.
  • Do some research people. Weiss is a scam operation.
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