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Weiss Research, at www.WeissInc.com, is a financial newsletter publisher that provides research and analysis to their members, so they can make independent decisions about their investment opportunities.

Weiss Research, founded by consumer advocate and financial author Martin Weiss, was founded in 1971 and currently has over 500,000 active readers, making it one of the most widely read investment newsletters available.

What Weiss Research Offers

Weiss Research has five different divisions they offer their members, each providing a different service useful to independent investors. It provides two free newsletters, Money and Markets and Uncommon Wisdom.

WeissInc.com claims that Money and Markets contains unbiased daily market commentary, while Uncommon Wisdom provides daily email updates on growing your wealth and profit opportunities.

The remaining three divisions offer a variety of specific features. The Weiss Money Network provides internet television programs which offer financial and investment advice.

Weiss Ratings offers accurate ratings of businesses and other investment institutions, while their Weiss Watchdog feature will send you email alerts concerning the change of ratings on ten different companies you choose to monitor.

The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, financial newsletter publishing companies can be dangerous things. They tend to offer personal opinions as guidance for investors, and they have no legal responsibility to you if you follow their advice and things turn out badly.

It’s very troubling that many of these companies let people with no real financial experience or training contribute to their newsletters. In the worst case scenario, many of these companies are paid to bring investors to certain companies.

Weiss Research, however, does not accept payment from any company for their ratings or reviews. Still, they are currently using a “Financial Doomsday” video at www.Crisis3.com to market themselves to new customers, which is a questionable tactic.

The bottom line when dealing with any financial newsletter publishing company is to remember that you should do your own research regarding where and how to invest your money – never act wholly on the advice of one of these free internet newsletters.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Weiss Ratings " is 1.52 out of 5 based on 133 reviews.
  • I currently subscribe to Real Wealth Report. While Larry Edelson correctly predicted the big sell off in gold and precious metals, he has a tendency to move his target prices when the market doesn't do what he predicts it will do. His technical analysis is somewhat complicated and he gives great credence to cycle theory even though it is notoriously unreliable in my opinion. Instead of going with the trend Mr. Edelson tends to fight it as he is now doing with the stock market and precious metals. He has been expecting a huge correction in the stock market for months now but it just keeps going up. Various technical indicators point to the fact that precious metals have bottomed but Mr. Edelson is expecting one last leg down. He could turn out to be right afterall but so far he has been wrong on all accounts.
  • BUYER BEWARE! Under the Weiss organization I signed up for Larry Edelson's "Real Wealth Report." It was for one year and I was very disappointed. I sold GLL at his recommendation way too soon as gold prices continued to drop dramatically. Also, I purchased stock at his recommendation, only to find they had immediatelly fallen thhrough his suggested "protective stops." ECT for example. Do your own homework and follow your own instincts!!!
    • Listen all. Weiss makes their $ by selling subscriptions based on erroneous claims of past success. They have 50, 000 subscribers. A subscription costs $1, 250.00. They earn 62, 000, 000 per year in subscriptions. Thats 62 million! They have a case against them by the SEC.


      GOOGLE, 'money and markets is a scam' and you will get the bad news about their trading history.

      I do read some of their articles because in investing you need to hear differing perspectives. I listen and read them all. From Krugman, to his arch nemesis Peter Schiff.

      Do your homework, research, diligence and stay "nimble".
    • total scam stay away!
  • There's a famous story about the National Enquirer's late sham prognosticator, Jeanne Dixon. Every January, she would publish 1,000 vague predictions, of which, by sheer luck, three or four (generously interpreted) would come true. And the next year, she'd publish 1,000 more, boasting about the three that came true last year as proof of her accuracy.

    So it is with Weiss. He's a professional doomsayer, who has "correctly predicted" the last 3 market corrections. 20 times.

    Feeds on fear and gullible people. Search Google for his name and the word "doomsday" to get copies of his prediction of an "all but certain" stock market crash. Anyone who followed his advice then is much poorer.
  • Weiss scare technique = clue one

    Long, repetitive video = clue two

    His way or highway = clue three

    Loose facts backing past "predictions" = clue four

    China not buying gold = clue five

    Weiss isn't going to get richer off of this guy.

    And reading presentation slides is painful to the audience, especially with that annoying voice and monotone.

    Just a little advice back atcha.
  • I got some bad advice, now I'm paying for it.
  • What happened to that million dollar program initiated a year ago with that German financial guru which needed $1 million to start with and that you would be able to see just what he was investing in? I believe he was to open an account with Fidelity. How successful was that??
    • A total sham! My father signed up for this fraud (against my advice) and my rule was: Whatever he does, do the OPPOSITE and you will make money! It was laughably true! Hey, nobody is right all the time, but the worst part was, they NEVER EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED that they were failing miserably, while the market was up 30%, they were DOWN 30%. I even asked in their "weekly forums" (full of shills) and they NEVER would respond to why they were performing poorly, what did they incorrectly theorize and why it is different now. That is how one can see they are total fraudsters. If they really put a million dollars in there, they were losing it, but the real money was in their "membership" which was a worthless sham. At least my father is conservative, so he only wanted to trade the account with 1% of the million ($10k), so he didn't get hit too bad, but the fees are where all the money is. Th
  • I have paid for Weiss services for over two years; Monty Agarwal, Million $$ Portfolio, and Larry Edelson Power Portfolio.


    Just a short overview:

    I was getting advice from Agarwal starting in Oct 2010 at the time I had been doing well with SLV up 168% in all accounts.

    I did not use the trades from Agarwal, as he was not in anything making money at the time. His portfolio had a lot of losses, promised better results.

    I was getting Uncommon Wisdom (oxymoron) from Edelson. He has been a bear of precious metals for over 2 years, but professing faith that is the direction of the future.

    I was slated to get out of silver at the end of April on a cyclical trend. Edelson’s bearish advice scared me so bad I bailed out six weeks early, leaving over $200,000 in gains on the table and silver continue to go up after the first of may.( from $33 to $49)

    Because of Edelson’s mistiming and error in trend calling, I tried to work with Agarwal for another year, but his advice was more than horrible and so, so, wrong; missing every up-trend and every down trend by a mile in equities. If he got us in, it was only after the run was 90 % over and if shorted, a market only to see it rise, more losses. Results- Agarwal LOSS! LOSS! LOSS!!!!!! Stay away, your money is in jeopardy!!!

    Back to Edelson, because on the surface he, and with the charts, made sense. The fact is, believe it or not, he is worse than Agarwal.

    He has missed every call this year so far, likes to short everything with double-shorts on ETF's and future contracts. THIS IS LOSS! LOSS!! LOSS!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!

    Larry Edelson has missed every turn in all markets from oil, metals commodities, the DOW and S&P move up the gains on shorting the EURO, all misses and losses

    My losses that I am responsible for, in my investment accounts and retirement accounts, are 26% and 37%.

    I have been pretty sharp at the general economic trends over the years’ and have a good understanding of the metal markets, as I am a CPA with 35 years work experience with quite bit of audit exposure in the Coeur d'Alene mining district of Idaho.

    I am embarrassed by the hammering I have taken and am bailing on the Weiss Group. I only went with them because as most brokers and planners only make you poorer.

    I have learned a lot from my poor experience with Weiss They are pretty much snake oil salesmen, incompetent at best and may have a financial gain on the other side of the clients (Goldman taught us that)




    I have nothing to gain by writing this rant but now have a clear conscious about warning fellow investors.

    I felt I needed some help and direction, their service is not cheap and all considering now it has been quite expensive in the end.

    So do yourself a big favor, STAY THE HELL AWAY OF THE WEISS GROUP!

    This is better financial advice then you will receive from the Weiss Group.

    Mike Shaunessy, CPA Spokane, WA
    • Thanks. I have taken your advice and cancelled my subscription to weiss.
    • "Larry Edelson has missed every turn in all markets from oil, metals commodities, the DOW and S&P move up the gains on shorting the EURO, all misses and losses "

      On the contrary Larry claims to have caught every major turn in the gold market since late 1970's. Can anyone confirm going back that far?
    • Gotta agree with you on Edelson. I just canceled my subscription to Real Wealth Report yesterday after several years of frustration. Edelson claims to be an expert in the gold market, and all last year he was telling us that gold would bottom in January 2014. This was all according to his "models" which to hear him tell it are infallible. Last week he sent a flash alert warning us that gold will now bottom in early summer 2014, the recent runup from 1180 to 1320 is a head fake, and the next leg down will be a doozy. So, he really doesn't know what he's talking about and his last several publications of Real Wealth Report have been more news and opinion rather than sound advice. I got tired of his flip flopping and constantly changing opinions. I can get better insight from Peter Grandich or Seeking Alpha.
    • "and silver continue to go up after the first of may.( from $33 to $49)"

      If you're talking about silver in 2011, it actually plummeted in May, 2011. So, I think you mean March. Given your complaint about accurate timing on such a short time scale, I would hope you would get something basic like that correct.

      But are you seriously being critical of advice that was 6-8 weeks early? The fact is silver did plummet after Edelson's warning. I have trouble understanding how someone who "[left] over $200,000 in gains on the table" doesn't know how to use protective puts, or at the very least a stop loss order. Silver did basically nothing other than go straight up from February to May. Its largest retracement during that period was during March and that wasn't even 10%! If you really couldn't figure out an appropriate course of action, then you have only yourself to blame for such poor management of your investments. I guess being a CPA doesn't mean you know much about money.

      PS I'm not Larry, in case you were wondering.
  • I was a subscriber a few years ago to safe money report and now am a subscriber again , I was shocked to find out two days ago about the SEC order in 2006 which I did not know about then when I was a customer. I was never a premium 1,000 , 5,000 member . The SEC report shows that actually customers lost money by following the recommendations. The advertising claims were not honest per the SEC.

    Recently I also subscribed but soon cancelled Weiss , Nilus Mattive letter who claimed 20, 30 40 % average returns and kept pointing out in ads that these were average returns..The actual return per the newsletters own schedule was 2% ..so apparently losses were not included? I called Weiss co about the 2% actual vs the ad claims..I am very dissapointed in the Weiss Group and wish I had known back in 2006 as a subscriber about the SEC Cease order re advertising
    • Seeing the SEC is a tool of the US Government, how can we believe anything they have to say. The US Government is what got us all where are today. The question one has to ask is are we better off today than we were 10 years ago. The SEC has thrown many business's under the bus in the name of fair & balance judgement. I personally have seen China's growth in products be sold in the US. Take a look for example "Auto Supplies anything from the smallest parts to the largest parts are made in China". What I am saying is: Maybe the investment part of Weiss is disappointing, the prediction of China being the leader down the road is real, which The Weiss Group reports. This alone is a Rating of 5 just for education value.
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