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Western Sky Financial
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Western Sky Financial


Western Sky Financial is an installment loan company who claims that you can get up to $2,525 in your checking account overnight by completing an application that takes less than 5 minutes to fill out.

Western Sky Financial operates within the boundaries of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, which is a sovereign nation within the United States. It is owned by an individual within that nation and not the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation itself.

Recently, the Western Sky commercials have been generating a lot of buzz online, mostly because people find them humorous but also because some people are questioning the claims made in the commercial, specifically your ability to receive thousands of dollars overnight.

It Is Expensive, But There Is No Collateral Required

In the commercial, the spokesman claims “Yes, the money is expensive, but there is no collateral required.” This is a common theme within the payday loan industry.

Before you borrow money from Western Sky, look at their Rates page which describes the APR as well as the loan fee that will be assessed depending on the loan amount you are requesting.

The APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is the amount of interest you will be required to pay back within a year. When loan companies do not require collateral or high credit scores to approve a loan, it is generally because the APR they charge is extremely high.

In the case of Western Sky, the lowest available APR is 116.73% and can be as high as 215.03%. This means that if you borrow $5,000 from Western Sky at 116.73% APR and take the full 84 months to pay it back, you will have paid $35,872.72 in interest.

The Bottom Line on Western Sky

In the US, individual states have laws that govern payday loan companies and are meant to protect the borrowers from extreme APRs and unrealistic payback schedules.

In the past when Reviewopedia has reviewed online payday loan companies, I have pointed out that borrowing from an online company that is based in another state may make it difficult for your state laws to protect you from predatory lending practices.

In the case of Western Sky, this is further complicated by the fact that Western Sky is based in the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, which acts as an independent nation within the US, meaning that you could potentially have no protection from them at all.

Note: If you’re interested in learning more about Payday Loans check out our detailed guide, “Payday Loans Explained: Should You Ever Get One?” for more info.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Western Sky Financial " is 1.67 out of 5 based on 244 reviews.
  • Western Sky has cause me so much distress. I paid $ 768.00 faithfully for 18 months on a $ 9043.00 loan ...never missing a note. Then, I received a letter telling me that I had to pay another Company ( Delbert ) $32,000.00. I was floored! They wanted me to pay $ 45,824.00 for a $ 9043.00 loan. I decided I would not pay another dime.They have called my church, friends, family and my job. Please tell me what can I do to stop these crazy people. I am losing my mind!
  • Yes, you get the loan. However, I applied to what I thought was one company. My loan was to to Western. It has been sold 3 times now. The loan was for $2500. I pay $298.00 per month and have not missed a payment. I am going on 2 years now. Do the math,have paid over $7000.00 and still owe another 2 or so years. I see nothing applied to the interest, nothing in my account as a record of what I have paid other than my own monthly bank statements. Not sure why, perhaps because the original Western sold the loan, the sold it, then it was sold again and now for the 2nd time it is with Cash Call. Will this $2500.09 ever get paid off? Prob.not or at least not before paying over $14,000.00. I want a paper trail on my loan and just can't get one. I have to believe because it was sold so many times. Beware, it is not worth taking a loan out with them.
  • my name is mark, I borrow 2,500 from western sky about 2 year's ago had to pay my bill's and they send me about 2,800 in my account. the good part of it my payments about 200 but I send 700.00 a month and got out of my loan in about 6 month's thank you. mark.
  • They have collectors that call from all over the United States. One time I got calls from five states within a few minutes. I have an app on my phone that hangs up on them. I am not giving them another red cent.
  • I go a loan from western sky..500.00 was to process the loan and the true loan amount was a 1,000.00 posted to my checking account.I ended up paying 11/11//11 166.95 for 4 months then the turn me over to a collection agent because I missed 3 day late..then I paid them 1,476.52 plus the 722.80 I paid them..I have my paid off letter showing this information please I need a refund and now .
  • Maybe They are a Front. Another Company saying that They Are a Native American Company when they are not. A Real Native American Indian Company will not Screw their and other people over. It is not our Nature. Our Nature is to Help People either With Spiritual Problems all free or to Become Musicians Or Actors of Movies and TV. Both Men and Women. Most Rock Groups in America Has Native People in them. We use the sound of our hearts or Mother Earth that what makes us One with our Music. But As a Loan Company if there is one that is Native American Believe me they will not screw you over. Remember What TV Judges say Buyer Beware. With Love and Understanding Wolf Howling. Of the Mohawk and Lakota Medicine. Your Gate Keeper for those who knows what I am saying.
  • I forgot Native American Indians also make very good Movie and TV Actors too. Both Men and Women. My National Tribal Family and world Tribal Family too Every Country has it's Native People who are very spiritual. Listen to the Elders what they say are usually right. Just a thought to help you with . With Love and Understanding Your Gate Keeper Wolf.
  • Fact: Payday loans typically charge 354% interest (Advance America, Check into Cash, Speedy Cash, etc). When I was in a bind I was ecstatic to pay 124% + 75.00 loan fee on a 3000.00 loan and 115% + 75.00 loan fee on a 5000.00 loan. Service was professional and excellent. The money was in my account within 24 hours. Upon full repayment I recieved a paid in full receipt in the mail. I used them twice (3000.00 and 5000.00), once with cash call as the collecter, once with delbert as the collector. However, since I paid the loans off way ahead of schedule (remeber the 124% / 115% interest) I cannot vouche for their collection tactics. Now since all of the complaints the next best online payday loan rate I have found is 179%. Thanks for all who took out a loan with conditions that you must pay it back with top priority and failed to pay for ruining this valuable source of emergency cash!
    • Yeah it works if you can pay it back within 90 days ...but if you get into the meat of paying back the loan at 115 - 175 % interest with large monthly payments for 36 - 48 months you are locked in and screwed at a huge balance. Because most of these loans are done online and the use of the reservation tactics it scares people into thinking they have no protection or laws to cover this crap. You need to check with your State laws first under the names Western Sky, Cash Call and Delbert and see what your state has with a history of these loans and what people have done to get out from under them.

      These are much worse then Pay Day loans because of the duration of the loan and interest rates plus what they pocket off the top of your payments within the first 6 months.
  • I do not give it a 0 stars rating because the option is not available!
  • Thieves!!!!!!
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