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Who-Likes-Money.com is a new work at home system from DC Fawcett who says that he can give people the ability to make money literally overnight, using his new software and the social network Facebook.

According to the video presentation available at this website, Fawcett says that he has discovered a “backdoor” which opens channels of success to earning commissions without all the traditional obstacles.

Customers who are interested in using Fawcett’s insights and software must pay a one time fee of $49, and the website says that users are offered a 365 day money back guarantee.

The Claims

In his video presentation, Fawcett says that he created a brand new Facebook page and applied his software. Overnight, he had almost 1100 “Likes,” 37 new names added to his email marketing list, and $360 in affiliate commissions.

The strongest claim made by the Who Likes Money program is that it is a myth that making money online is difficult. According to Fawcett, other internet marketing courses say that it can take weeks or months to make money, but this “is a big lie.”

Fawcett says that people are conditioned to believe that you need lots of education to be successful, but this just isn’t true when it comes to making money online. His software makes it possible to earn money online immediately.

Things to Consider

Internet marketing programs that advocate using Facebook are becoming extremely popular and are being promoted all over the internet as the new, “best” way to earn money online.

Unfortunately, advertising on Facebook has been documented as being extremely difficult, with many major retailers pulling their advertisements off the social network. This does not mean that you can’t make money using Facebook as an advertising platform, just that you should know it is likely to be difficult, regardless of what Fawcett claims.

And as far as the 365 day money back guarantee is concerned, this is usually a very difficult type of refund to secure, as the company sets forth many different requirements that you must meet in order to get a refund.

Fawcett’s argument is very persuasive, that most methods of online earning require you to do things like build a website and learn about search engine optimization before you can make money, while his system does not. But these are very tough promises to keep. People who are looking to try this system should be comfortable with potentially losing their monetary investment in case it doesn’t work out.

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  • Yeah.. I would just like to hear from someone who purchased or used WHO LIKES MONEY.COM I wouldn't buy any thing or even look further at your info if you are going to tell me you are going to tell me about WHO LIKES MONEY.COM and then you don't tell me anything about the product. I like many others want to know details about this product. If you don't know any details stop your deception cause it shows you are just like the rest!
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