Is Jim Rogers Legit or a Scam?

work at home is a website that features Jim Rogers as America’s Work at Home Coach.  On the website you’ll find many claims about their business opportunity and what it can do for you; however the site’s also riddled with red flags.

For starters there are a lot of misleading graphics on the site used to quickly earn your trust and get you to buy the program.Some examples of these include the counter announcing how many people are using the system to make money, the as seen on logos, and the stock photos used for the testimonials.

These are common tools used by today’s leading scam artists and their presence should serve as a warning about Jim Rogers and  However, there are even more examples of hype and misdirection found on the actual sales page.

The most egregious of which is the fact that the site is designed to make you believe that you’re applying for a real job.  Everything from the domain name to the “apply now!” now button can be considered deceptive since they’re only selling a business opportunity, not a job application.

They even go as far as calling the order form an application; there’s a huge difference between a job application and a credit card submission form used to buy Jim Roger’s course…

So what is Actually Selling?

It’s hard to tell what the actual course will cover since there are only vague descriptions offered on the site.  However what they do say is that you’ll be working online with sites like eBay and Craigslist, which is reminiscent of the infamous auction listing agent scam.

What you need to know is that no one out there is going to pay you to post products on eBay, their table of income projections is a fabrication, and they leave out the most important part which is that the items you list on eBay actually have to sell before you can get paid.

Ultimately this job as a “promotional rep” that they are referring to does not exist, and despite the name the does not list job openings but merely sells this biz opp.

Is Jim Rogers’ a Scam?

In the end it’s up to you to decide if you wish to purchase this program, one good thing about the course is that it’s sold through which means that if you’re unsatisfied you can request a no questions asked 60 day money back refund.

You can also get the course at a steep discount if you attempt to exit the page multiple times, the purchase price will drop all the way down to $37.  Many work at home programs are sold at cheap upfront costs because they’re followed by aggressive up-sells.

There is also one more red flag to take note of, the fact that their only listed contact info is a yahoo email address is a bit alarming, so take this and the aforementioned red flags into consideration in regards to

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