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WorldVentures, found online at, is not only a luxury travel club which gives people the opportunity to purchase vacations at discount prices and a work from home money earning opportunity available to anyone.

The website promises that you do not have to be a customer in order to be a WorldVentures representative, and you do not have to be a representative if you would like to be a travel customer.

In order to be a representative, you need to pay a one time registration fee of $99.95 plus a monthly fee of $10.99. These fees are outside of the general membership fees for their travel club customers.

The Product

As a WorldVentures representative, you will be selling memberships to a luxury travel club. Many times these memberships can be extremely expensive, but this company promises that their membership is extremely affordable at only $200 and a monthly membership fee of $54.99 per month.

They claim that they buy vacations from resorts and providers in bulk so they can negotiate wholesale prices which they then pass on to their customers.

Their website says they have acquired tens of thousands of customers in five years and that 89% of members who have purchased a DreamTrip from the company end up maintaining their membership.

Compensation Plans

Like many different network marketing companies, such as Organo Gold or Vemma, WorldVentures compensates their members in two different ways. The first method of earning is through direct sales of their DreamTrips and Luxury DreamTrips.

The second method of earning is through successfully building a sales team through the recruiting, training, and motivating of new team members. Every time one of your referred members buys a membership, you’ll earn $20.

If you can successfully refer six people within one month, you’ll earn a $250 bonus, and officially have the base of your team compensation plan. Members who want to better understand the detailed earning matrix should refer to the website.

WorldVentures promises that there are no contracts that you must sign, and if you choose, you can cancel your membership at any time without penalty.

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