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You can take two different approaches to starting an online writing career. You can submit your content to ad-revenue share writing sites or pursue a more traditional freelance writing career where you get paid per assignment.

If you’re pursuing the revenue sharing route, then it may help to learn a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The reason for this is that you want your articles to get as much publicity as possible.

The more views that your article gets the more you’re likely to earn. You don’t have to become an SEO expert, especially since you’re not working on your own website, but a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

Below you will find a list of revenue share writing sites, freelance writing websites, and online companies that will pay you for proofreading & editing work.

Revenue Share Writing Jobs (Updated 2018):

If you decide to go the more traditional route then you don’t have to worry about anything other than submitting correctly written assignments. But before you start bidding on freelance writing jobs, you should prepare a few things.

The most important thing to have is several examples of your writing. Choose your best pieces and try to have examples that fit the type of writing that your new employer is looking for.

You should also have a list of referrals that you can show employers to help you land the more desirable jobs. A lot of freelance websites allow clients to rate freelancers so you can refer potential employers directly to your profile, provided that you have great reviews.

Traditional Fee-Based Freelance Writing Jobs:

Work at Home Editing and Proofreading Jobs:

Additional Work at Home Jobs:

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  • I recently lost my job due to an illness and this site has been a blessing. There are so many "sites" promising you can work from home and offer nothing but promises. I need to find work soon to support my family...if anyone knows of more Legitimate sites where one can really work from home, I'd be grateful.

    Thank you kindly for your time!
  • Another good site that these forums seem to miss is They're a mainly article based comedy website - you sign up, leave a post saying your interested and they update your profile so that you can get through to their workshop area where you put your idea forwards and workshop with other writers and the cracked editors. Once the editors clear your article, I think you get paid a fixed amount for the article upfront and then ad revenue based on how many hits you get. It's a legit site that you can make a lot of money from and gets a lot of traffic, but you do need quality work.
    • thank you so much for the info! I love that site, pretty hilarious. I'm truly touched that there are so many people out there looking out for their fellow jobhunters. I have found so much helpful advice and/or warnings here.
  • Thank you for all the information provided. God bless!

    Here I would like to mention one more website which pays us for writing stuff. Its

    Basically we start as Standard writers where a 500 words article fetches us $2.43 and so on.. We are rated by the requester for every article we write. When we cross certain number of articles and maintain good ratings we are promoted to Premium writers position where the same 500 words article can fetch us $4.05 and so on..

    • does 200 word articles at 3-3.30 a piece. Content writing is pretty dull, but they have never given me a score I did not agree with and they put the $$ in my paypal on the 5th of the month, or give me a pay me now option when I strike 100$. It ain't great pay but no one in my area seems to be hiring atm so... it beats no pay.
    • Saras... Iwriter sounds like a garbage site to me. Even pays better than that, and after a week of writing on I just let my last gig or two go. I dont even care about negative ratings there. Why? 'cuz I'm done with em.

      You can create gigs for $5. Later on you can have addons for a little more money. Thing is, I live in California, and minimum wage here is $8.00 an hour.

      Fiverr keeps $1 out of the $5 you are paid. And then you get to pay taxes on top of that. Also, many of the people on Fiverr that buy gigs are cheap as hell. I had a gig up for rewriting up to 1000 words - NO copyscape services, only increased readability if desired.

      First job somebody sent me ~415 words to rewrite, then cried that I only gave them back 397 words. They basically wanted me to just fill in another 600 words for them, when the gig very clearly states they are *REWRITES OF EXISTING CONTENT ONLY*. And it just went on from there.. Every - single - last - person that ordered from me had to whine and cry. One guy said an article I rewrote didn't pass copyscape (never said it would!), and when I googled pieces of what I had rewritten I had got hits left and right. No exact matches, because I did in fact manually rewrite the article, but it was already so spammed up on the 'net that it would take some real effort to differentiate the garbage they sent me for a rewrite to the point of passing copyscape uniqueness. It was a joke.

      Then another schmuck sent me a document that was more than the maximum allowed word count for the gig, and the content itself was pure garbage. I happen to have 11+ years professional IT experience, and the article was all about 'laptop security' or stopping laptop theft or some such BS. Every last word in his article was just garbage.. I mean *GARBAGE*. It was all wrong.. extremely wordy (HUGE amount of extra, useless words).. and at that point I just through up my arms and said, to hell with this BS.

      So, yea.. iwriter? For less than $3 an article? That's just flat-out INSANE.. If you live in Mexico or Thailand or something where $10 USD goes a LOT further than it does here in the USA, sure, fine.. great.. knock yourself out. If not? Go apply for a job at Target, you will make more money. Promise.
  • As a writer for several sites in the past and one or two currently, I can warn others that many ad sharing sites that uses Google Ad Sense can drain your time and talent without giving you anything but pennies back, no matter how good you are. If you like writing as a hobby, then you will enjoy the exposure. If you are looking for an income, save your time. Speaking of income, there is one site that can produce one for you in the writing arena, and that is They pay per article, upfront. You can make a lot or a little, depending on the quality of your writing. You must pass a test to get qualified, and most articles of 500 words will bring around $7.00, give or take. You choose the article from a choice of hundreds that are being requested by bloggers and companies. Your money goes right into your Paypal account, with a $10.00 minimum for deposit. I have done this for a long time and have made good money. Someone can do this full time for a fair income from home.
  • I've been researching a lot of different virtual assistance jobs. And I notice that all the blogs and virtual assistance website don't have guidance for those who have little to no experience in those fields. Having said that, I feel that I'm stuck in a rock and a hard place. Where should one go to get experience working in these fields? As a college student, my time of studying, going to school and applying to different job(s) and volunteering center(s), online and offline it very important. Just like other before and after me, I enjoy writing and gaining experiences through working for another person/ website/ company.
    • Hey Jenise, I understand your concern!

      A friend of mine was in your situation, what he did was he emailed one of his idols and asked if he could help him out.. for FREE.

      So not only did he get experience, he got it working for one of his heroes.

      In time, of course the story is he got regular work for him, so now he's working for his idol and getting paid well at the same time.
  • Thank for all the terrific leads for FEE-based writing jobs!

    I'm responding to warn readers/writers against ad revenue sharing sites like Suite 101 and HubPages.

    Unless you only want exposure on line and not an income, Suite 101 et al. are HUGE ripoffs.

    They literally pay pennies per posted article! I wrote more than 1,000 articles for HubPages and never got paid because they don't pay until your earnings reach $100. Mine never did.

    Suite 101 paid me a whopping $10 for 50 articles.

    Both sites pay writers every time a reader not only clicks on the writer's article, but also clicks on the sleazy ads that deface the text of the article.

    HubPages has a robotic censor that isn't very sophisticated and unpublishes articles that contain legitimate words which the robot censor flags as obscene. I wrote an article on Sigmund Freud which HubPages' robot unpublished!?

    Frank Sanello
    • WOWW! My reply may be what,6 yrs.later,but I just got here, & it's good to know there r still ppl on this parched planet tht go through the trouble of saving other ppl the trouble of getting sucked (no pun intended) & suckered. Dan's right, he certainly DIDN'T waste his time explaining the "ins & outs" seeing how he makes every site seem legit & worth it. Makes me wonder. Thank U Frank for sharing your experience. Someone seems mad tht u did, but I'm not. Props. I'll keep reviewing...
    • I have seen this come up a couple times and I thought I would correct some misconceptions. First of all, eHow and Hubpages, Squidoo, etc are *not* meant to be huge money makers for YOU. Sure, it is possible to make some cash by leveraging their existing domain age, authority, traffic, etc.. however.. as has already been said, "Made for adsense" type of stuff usually needs a *LOT* of traffic for all those pennies to start adding up. And then you are splitting it with hubpages, squidoo, or whoever.

      Thats not really the smart way to utilize those services. Those sites are best utilized for getting yourself backlinks to a site you really care about. For example you could have an IT consulting business and you could write a Squidoo lense all about how to protect your computer from viruses. Within the content you would link to your real site. I'm not going to waste my time explaining the ins and outs of backlinking, but that in a nutt-shell is what those sites are best leveraged for.
    • thanks for taking the time to tip others off.

      hope you earn according to your efforts soon
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